Minutes of Meeting

2 February 2017

Alternate Signatory- At a members request, the chairman gave explanation on why the association needs an alternate signatory.

Disbursement of $100 fund to our college children- members present after revisiting the issue, deliberated and unanimously agreed to rescind the previous decision to ask our College Children to bring official letter of admission before the agreed sum of $100 could be disbursed. This issue was put into vote, Mr Cyril Amadiegwu moved a motion to rescind the decision seconded by Mrs Ebele Enwerekowe, Issue resolved with 6 members voting for and I against the motion.Majority of members present agreed that the sum of $100 should be given to each of our college children without requesting for official college admission letter. Association Account- members can only sign in and read but cannot tamper with the account. Change of Signatories- While still waiting for Mr Nathan Enwerekowe to bring a sample of drafted letter as previously promised, the house designated the chairmen to go to the bank and find out the requirements needed to change signatories. Absenteeism- Suggestions were made to find out from elected members who do not attend meetings, if they are no more interested in their post.Meeting should be scheduled in their houses and by so doing they will be made to attend .

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Mrs P Ndumele advised that the meeting hosting, should be done accordingly- ie according to the association’s register. Next meeting- Okechuku and Linda Imeogu will host the next meeting on 6-19-20 If they cannot, JC and Caro Ndumele will host . Mothers day- The men said they will hold conference call to decide on what they can do to appreciate their wives who have been very good backbones to reckon with . This they said is out of the constitution.Summer Cook out- The present said he will check out South Orange and West Orange park and give report during the next meeting. AOB- Any other Business News from Home- Obituaries- Titus Anyawu Died at home- Ubakala- May his Soul RIP. The Nwokos of Nsukwe lost a dear sister here in the USA and the body will be taken home- The president asked if there is anyway this association can help them financially.

In reply, the house said that there is no provision for financial help in the constitution . Financial help could be given individually not collectively.Okechuwku and Linda Imeogu- Bought new home and will be visited. Grievances- At this point Juliet registered her grievance as regards the house issue, she said they moved into a new home before the Imeogus but nobody mentioned it. The house apologized and promise to make up. Vote of thanks-Cyril Amadiegwu on behalf of the association thanked the family of Obi and Juliet Ezeigbo for hosting the association. Adjournment-Caro Ndumele moved for adjournment while Ebele Enwerekowe seconded.

Closing Prayer-Obi JR Ezeigbo and mrs Patience Ndumele at 6. 45pm.

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