Mirror Mirror on the Wall…Am I Fat or What?!

4 April 2015
A discussion on body image, focusing on the root of why women see themselves the way they do and an examination of ways to deal with this self-image.

This paper explores how the media affects the body image of women and the way in which they perceive themselves. The writer makes reference to Fannie Flag’s, Fried Green Tomatoes and comments on examples of eating disorders, their symptoms and their psychological make-up as seen in the movie
?I?m just so FAT!? Do these words sound familiar? Depending on who you are and how you view yourself, maybe they do and maybe they don’t. But it is clear that nowadays women just aren’t content with their body image. They complain that their boobs are sagging, their tummy has rolls, their hair is turning gray, wrinkles are creeping on their face, their underarms are flabby, they just don’t feel SEXY, and the list goes on and on. Why all the fuss” I think this concern is rooted particularly in the media. I remember flipping through several magazines and seeing stick skinny supermodels flaunting themselves. Obviously, how women really are today is very different from what society portrays them to be. So while women are busily trying to fit into the cookie cutter mold of this “perfect” body, they miss the complete picture. Stressing yourself out by trying to get the perfect look isn’t going to make you happy because in the end it will just eat away at your well being. Instead, I believe that you should accept and love yourself no matter what size and shape you are.”
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