9 September 2016

The media strongly affects many young people. One of its largest influences is on body image. Body image is how a person feels about his or her physical appearance. There are both, people with a positive and a negative body image. Many people with a negative body image take extreme measures such as plastic surgery, experiment with extreme diets or develop eating disorders in order to maintain a “socially acceptable” look. Plastic surgery is slowly becoming a very popular fix to many women’s physical insecurities.

There are many teenagers that are now undergoing breast augmentation and receiving lip-fillers, in hope that this will improve their self-esteem. Because of the rising occurrence of teenagers receiving non-essential plastic surgeries, many doctors are pushing to make the legal age for such unnecessary surgeries 18. Cosmetic nurse, Matty Samaei, claims that it is “extremely common” for high school girls to receive lip-fillers as a reward for graduating high school (Carroll 11).

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Susan Austin, a cosmetic surgeon, has stated that it is physiologically damaging for young adults “to have their lips done or their parents to buy them fillers” (Carroll 16). Body Dimorphic Disorder, or BDD, has been linked to non-essential surgeries done on young adults, and is also encouraged by social media. Many actresses can be linked to incredibly extreme dieting in order to remain such slight statures, and recently it seems many teens are taking notes from their playbook.

Tina Ferraetto explains that many of these fad or extreme diets “eliminate important food and nutrients,” because they are designed for rapid weight loss, as appose to healthy weight loss (Walsh 11). She says that you may see short-term weight loss, but these diets are “very unsuccessful at achieving long-term” results (Walsh 10). So why are these diets so popular among teens and high profile Hollywood figures? Because they produce a quick fix. However, the side effects of these diets range from fatigue to heart attack. The most commonly seen action taken by young adults, in order to lose weight, is the development of an eating disorder.

There are many kinds of eating disorders, but the most common are Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Anorexia Nervosa is classified as the unwillingness to eat. According to Dr Veena Luthra, a consultant at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, anorexia is fatal and causes “the body to shut down and [slows the heart]” (Ulherr 10). Bulimia Nervosa is classified as “binge eating”. People who suffer from bulimia will eat a large amount of food and then “compensates by making [themself] vomit , exercise a lot, or ingest as much as 20 laxatives in a day” all in order to lose weight (Ulherr 12).

Dr Luthra goes on to explain that this kind of “binge eating” can cause bleeding in the stomach lining. Anorexia and bulimia is being seen in young girls as early as age 11, and because of the stigma placed upon said diseases, most cases go untreated. Many young adults strive to be as beautiful and slender as the models and actresses seen in magazines, but this poses the question, is it really worth it? All of the health and psychological risks by extreme alteration of the body are very serious and can be fatal.

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