Mise en scene Do the Right Thing

1 January 2018

Her next is a typical sass’s workout outfit which reinforces the time period, and reminds the audience of what is going n in popular culture. The final outfit is boxing attire, which shows there’s some sort of struggle for the characters in the film. The main character Moxie also conveys his emotion through what he wears. In the beginning of the film he is wearing a Jackie Robinson jersey.

Robinson was the first black player in the Major Leagues, breaking the color barrier in 1947. This relates to Moxie in one way because he is the only black worker in Gal’s Famous Pizzeria, therefore he has broken that barrier.His shirt also opposes Silicon’s Larry Bird Boston Celtic shirt, because the name city’s baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, were the last team in the Major Leagues to integrate a black player. Also, in the scene where “Bugging’ Out” and Sal are in the argument of why there aren’t any famous black people on his wall, Moose’s shirt stands as his own wall of fame, setting his character apart from the rest. Moose’s clothing also depicts his change in alliances with the characters in the film.The movie starts with him wearing the baseball jersey, then he changes into the pizzeria jersey after he showers, but during the riot scene he’s wearing the baseball jersey, and finally when he goes to get his money from Sal he is back in the pizzeria jersey showing his final emotions. Baseball is a very prominent theme with the props in this film, along with Moose’s jersey, you will also see Moose’s half Puerco Rican son wearing a New York Meet’s shirt, and of course, Gal’s baseball bat.

Mise en scene Do the Right Thing Essay Example

The baseball bat is used to destroy another important prop in the movie, Ramee’s bamboo.The bamboo can be both a metaphorical and cultural prop because in one sense it represents Ramee’s identity, showing his manhood and power, but it is also cultural because it associates the viewer with the urban hip hop ultra. The pizzeria has the same metaphorical effect on Sal with how to him it represents his hard work, ownership, and control. Inside the pizzeria Sal believes he has total control and can get away with anything which gets him into trouble when he uses the bat to destroy Ramee’s bamboo, thus setting off the riot that ends up burning down the pizzeria.There is then a shot of the bat burning, and the bamboo burning making a connection to the Martin Luther King Jar. Quote in the credits which states that violence won’t solve anything. On the other hand the pictures on the ‘”Wall of Fame” are just s important props with how in the end, after shots of the pictures burning there is a scene of Smiley putting a picture of King and Malcolm X on Gal’s wall which fulfills “Bugging Outs” initial request.

This can also be seen as a connection to the Malcolm X quote in the credit’s which says that violence can in fact solve problems.The lighting is also a very important aspect of the miss-en-scene of this film. Since the film is set on the hottest day of the summer, the setting outside is very bright. This with the combination of the very vibrant colors of the alluding makes the viewer connect and understand how hot it is without anyone having to say so in the dialogue. The combination of bright lighting, and vibrant reds and yellows in the outdoor setting of the film give the viewer a very uncomfortable and hostile feeling.You are overwhelmed by the variety of colors and there overall brightness. The lighting is also used frequently throughout the film to depict the heat by reflecting off the sweat of the characters giving them that glistening look that people have during a very hot and humid day.

The lighting changes quite a bit from the outside to the inside. The indoors settings are much more dimly lit, and the colors are very soothing and cool.When Moxie goes to Jade’s room, it is in pastel purples and there are bird ornaments on the wall. It gives the viewer a calm down feeling especially after coming from the extreme outdoor environment. This is also where Moxie goes to take a shower to cool off, so the viewer can associate this indoor environment with a cool, calming place. This type of lighting and coloring is also seen at Titan’s place, and inside the Gal’s pizzeria allowing the viewer to connect outside with hot, and inside with cool.

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