Misogyny towards women

3 March 2018

Hip hop music continues to evolve and emphasis profoundly on women, some people perceive this matter to be offensive to women.

Artists such as Naughty by Nature better known as N. W. A, Amine, Ill Wayne and Tuba Shaker have played a major role in regards to this. People have different perspectives in relation to this issue; some may view their work to be stating women as influential figures, while others may see their work to be quite belligerent. Misogyny is defined to be as an undesirable view of women with of combination of hatred whilst being bias (Aubrey, 2006).Women were seen more as housewives earlier in the 20th century by many people. Men in particular assumed that a women’s job was basically to cook and clean for the family (Cellarer, TANSTAAFL & Thompson 201 1).

Misogyny towards women Essay Example

The conceptualization of women has changed significantly over time, a women’s role in today’s society has become much more significant in comparison to the mid- 20th century. Collins (2011 ) states “A woman’s role in today’s society has significantly changed in regards to the role they play in throughout society as a whole, whether it being in the workforce or at home. Misogyny may still be out there UT has significantly improved”.This quote evidently defines the rights women have in today’s world, and that misogyny may still be an ongoing issue despite the fact it has improved. The established and now known as more modernism 21 SST century caters for women’s needs a lot more in comparison to previous times. With the right to now work, equality, employment rights, equivalent wages as well as different perceptions and views towards women. Misogyny is being minimized in society.

Focal points within the music (mainly hip hop/rap) have arguably had negative and in certain instances positive outcomes towards misogyny.Since the launch of hip hop music, the concept of women throughout artist’s music such as Tuba, Amine, N. W. A and Ill Wane’s lyrics have accentuated and depicted misogyny. Conversely through not only the meaning but significance of their songs. A study that was conducted between the periods of 1992-2003, and showed that 30% of songs defined that females were just an object of desire for men, and that 63% of this misogynistic genre of song choice simply saw women as sexual objects. However only 7% defended the fact that they did not think that misogyny was shown towards women (Adams & Fuller 2006).

With the majority of male consumers partaking in their own views and outlooks of these emerging artists, Hip hop/Rap music not only contributed towards but as well as depicted misogyny as a whole. Terms commonly used such as “prostitute” and “Count” in their music conformed to such an opinion of Hip Hop/Rap music. An example of an artist succumbing to such language can be known as Marshal Matters (Amine). In most of his albums he comes across quite vigor and rude towards women. In a particular instance threatening to kill his mother, showing blatant misogyny not only towards his mother but women in general.Misogyny is shown over and over in his music, as he refers to women as “Pitches” and “Snakes” (Skittles & Lee 2009). For this reason an impression was formed that women were of absolutely no importance and were irrelevant in the Hip hop/ rap culture.

Hip Hop/Rap has grown in the general public and has endured through many stages of modernization. Even though it has always been professed to show misogyny against women, it can also be debated that it portrays women in a positive outlook. These days, artists such as Ill Wayne have influenced the hip hop genre really describe women in their music as inspiring role models.Women in the workplace have had to put up with constant misogyny over the years. Bedside (2006) States “The transmission of discrimination and misogyny towards women is wreaking havoc on our organization as women are treated poorly; no ethics or morals are displayed at times. Paying little attention since the women’s movement first put in an appearance in the 1 sass, women’s right have come a long way (Lamaseries, 2000). These two quotes typically define how women were treated a lot more poorly in the 1 ass’s.

Despite the fact women’s rights have come a long way, Misogyny unfortunately still exists in today’s society.Women were often seen as sovereign beings and felt like they were slaves to their husbands. They had barely any rights and at one point in time where not legally allowed to own their own property, take anyone to court and say no to sex. Women these days unfortunately sometimes have to put with workplace pressures such as sexual harassment from work colleagues. Recent research shows that sexism in the form of traditional stereotyping and prejudice, demeaning and derogatory comments are often made to women in the workplace (Cayman’s, Guppy, Carr & Stewart 2009).In today’s society there is certainly a concern against misogyny to omen in the workplace. Sexual harassment has proved to be a high concern as recent studies have shown.

This causes them lower their morale and work life balance within the workplace. These are the issues that women every so often have to deal with. With the increasing diversity in organizations, the importance for women to evidently manage their work life and personal life is of utmost importance, but can be hard to maintain with the ongoing abuse they receive at times.The action of misogyny within the workplace space has taken numerous forms in its pursuit to influence out gender equity. The active impact that has been brought out of misogyny and shown towards women at times in the workforce has been unbelievable. Adams & Fuller (2006) state ‘Florien have matured over the years in tough environments, especially with the surroundings of the city working environment, they have been subject to a sexist agenda by predators such as men and unsuspecting women at times”.The political and economic influence on the livelihood of women in overbearing, Misogyny has allowed for the alienation towards political platforms that women address.

Women are not taken seriously and seen as not being commendable or strong enough to be able to hold sections within the government from the perspective of view of some men. Countries that face this dilemma are mainly African countries such as Kenya. These countries have a larger population of women over men yet the misogyny, is even instilled in today’s society and has become a problem where women in Kenya are not allowed political authority.An influential figure known as Oscar Posterior “Blade runner” was charged with murdering his 29 year old girlfriend Reeve Statement girlfriend on the 1 5th of February 201 3 (Valentine, 2013). This is a perfect example of how misogyny is still around s. Accusations that Postscript’s girlfriend was cheating on him were speculating to the point where he couldn’t handle it anymore and then decided to take her life by shooting her. Gender based violence is carried out all around us and continues to exist in workplace, political, public and even urban spaces.

There needs to be an understanding and conceptualized value of misogyny out there for people to see in order to stop these hate fuelled crimes. To sum up we can comprehend that Hip hip/rap in its early stages was strongly depicted as anti-feminist and given the perspective of view that goosing has definitely come a long way in comparison to how it was years ago. Conversely the modernization of society had grown to give a more positive outlook in the genre of music. A platform has been established for modern artists these days to promote feminism in their music.Misogyny without a fact is a reoccurring that we are faced with in certain aspects Of music as well as a workplace and political issue. This paper therefore illustrates the ongoing debate that misogyny exists in certain aspects of society and that misogyny is still out there. The root of misogyny as major hon.

through these pivotal points occur from gender based violence and sexist messages that provide a negative impact towards women. Individuals should be able to realize to conceptualized level of misogyny that occurs on a socio-economic towards women.

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