Miss Saigon Soundtrack

6 June 2019

The Vietnam War. Something that everyone knows about from World History 101. Or do we? We know the when, where, who and why. What’s missing is the emotional impact on the lives of the people involved. Rarely will a person who didn’t experience this war be able to comprehend the plight of the people whose lives did cross its path. But, “Miss Saigon” will bring anyone closer to the harsh realities of the epoch.

This recording boasts such well-known songs as “The Heat is On in Saigon,” and “The Last Night of the World.” But it also shelters charm and tight harmony that leaves the listener incredulous. This is displayed in “The Movie of My Mind,” a touching picture of the dream-like scenario of the fairy tale expectations and dreams of the younger native women of Saigon.

Also displaying the power of these songs is “Her or Me.” This haunting tune depicts the confusion of the male protagonist during the years following the war as seen through the eyes of his wife, Ellen, and his war-time love and companion, Kim.

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Because most teenagers listen to and enjoy only certain types of music, this reviewer fears that too many teens will miss out on the touching and expressive beauty of “Miss Saigon.” n

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