Mission: Impossible 2 Soundtrack

7 July 2019

Who likes action movies? Does music add to the suspenseand make them that much more thrilling? Have you seen “Mission: Impossible2?”

The soundtrack has 16 artists with their own styles and rhythms,but all are enticing. From Limp Bizkit’s beat-filled version of the originaltheme song to Metallica’s hard-rock anthem “I Disappear,” they’re allexciting.

Mission: Impossible 2 Soundtrack Essay Example

Although I have not yet experienced the thrill of the movie,I have been hooked ever since my father brought home the CD. It has everything:alternative, rock and pop.

The music paints vivid pictures in my mind. Iimagine I’m a spy, and can envision all the twists and turns of a mission. Ithink of fame, glory and spice; stupendous stunts and super-heroic talents invademy brain.

Have you ever been on a scary amusement park ride, one withtwists, turns and perhaps loopy-loops? Well, that’s the sort of sensation thatcan be felt by listening to this CD. It’s so energetic and charismatic, you haveto give it a try!

Just a friendly warning: this CD does contain some cursewords. There is nothing sick or inappropriate, but this probably isn’t a CD forany young kids you may know.

For anyone who likes a variety ofalternative and rock, “Mission: Impossible 2” is the CD for you. Itcertainly is one heck of a mood booster if you’re down. Happy listening!

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