Mission To Mars

4 April 2015
Discusses the underlying questions surrounding a manned mission to Mars. Examines whether there is sufficient technology in existence, what kinds of data can be expected, what sorts of problems can be anticipated and whether it is important.

Manned Mission to Mars

Ever since the Sojourner began sending back video images from Mars, a renewed interest in the possibility of a manned mission to Mars has occurred. Such a plan as a mission to Mars raises all sorts of scientific, technical, and philosophical questions that this analysis will attempt to deal with. The main questions covered will be: 1) is there sufficient technology right now to handle such a mission? 2) is it important? 3) what kinds of data can it be expected will be returned? and 4) what are the problems of such a mission?

Is Technology Available

According the best data available, a manned mission to Mars is conceivable using the current technology resources available.

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