Misuse of Mobile Phones

6 June 2016

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. As you all know, mobile phones are important tools for communication and ways to get around, It is an indispensable tool in our daily lives. Today I will be speaking about a topic which concerns most parents- and it is the misuse of mobile phones. Some examples of misuse are playing too much on your phone, which, according to research says that It causes various health problems such as neck pain, lowering eye vision and back pain and headaches may occur. Other problems on using your phone include radiation – given out by phones. Did you know this can actually cause you cancer if you use your phone for a long time every day? If you also cause shoulder pain if you sit idle using your mobile phone for a long period of time. We should be aware of how we use our time and not use our mobile phone too much for entertaining purposes otherwise such consequences will occur.

Now to conclude my presentation I will like you to ask yourself whether you are responsible with your phones? I hope you have learnt something from my presentation.

Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay Example

Thank you for listening.

With the increased use of camera phones and Multimedia facilities and blue tooth technology, mobile phone related cyber crime incidents are increasing. Cybercrime includes traditional activities such as fraud, theft or forgery, whenever a telecommunication system is involved. The word Cyber is derived from the Greek word Kubernetes meaning Steersman .It is used in the terms cybersex, cybernetics, cyberspace, cyberpunk, cyber homes and cyber hate etc. It is used in the computer or electronic context to denote control of the thing represented by the word it precedes

Psychological problems

Over use of Cell phones may cause two New generation Psychological problems.

No-Mo phobia (NoMobile phobia)

When we run out of credit or battery, lose of phone or are in an area with no reception, being phoneless can bring a panic symptom referred to as NoMo Phobia or No Mobile phobia. To overcome NoMo phobia, two methods are suggested. One is to keep the battery in top condition and the credit sufficient. Another method is, deliberately avoid mobile phone for few hours and then few days. Then you will feel that it is not an important thing.

Ringxiety- Ringtone anxiety

This is an anxiety symptom related to the over use of mobile phone, a form of addiction. Ringxiety refers to the sensation and false belief that the mobile phone is ringing or vibrating. The term is also used to explain the condition in which a person frequently takes the cell phone to see whether there is any a mis call or messages.

Cell phone abuse is a worldwide epidemic which is now affecting millions of men, women and children especially teen age students To the cell phone abusers we say…

Consider cell phone as a communication device and not as an entertainment device or as a status symbol. Try a little Cell phone courtesy…. and do not burden others with the pseudo social behavior.

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