Mixed extracts of bilimbi

8 August 2016

Curiosity and the willingness to come up with a unique substitute for chemical-based bleaches is the main reason of the researchers. They found out that instead of making it to juice and eating the calamansi, kamias, and tomato. It can also be used as a bleaching agent. Calamansi and tomato in relation to chemistry, contains ascorbic acid which is an active reducing agent (as opposed to an oxidizing agent) while the kamias has an acid component namely the oxalic acid in which it is widely used as an acid rinse in laundries, where it is effective in removing rust and ink stains.

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Mixed extracts of bilimbi
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The researchers combine these fruits to create a unique stain remover which comes from originally fruit and vegetable extracts, in launching this study, researchers made a survey on how to convert the expensive detergent product which is also an eco-friendly product. And also they select this study, in order to enhance the previous research works which has been done by the scientists and researchers. In this experiment, researchers made observations about it to be more effective as a substitute to chemical-based bleaches.

According to some research, stain remover must have a PH scale characteristics inorder to determine the spotting solutions. The behaviors of cleaning products are; 1. Ensures the feasibility of stain removal; 2. Reduces the risk of damaging the fabrics; and 3. Limits the time in laundering. The researchers are far-reaching a technique for the coverage on how to interfere the complexity in using this economical stain remover. The purpose of the study is to convert chemical-based bleaches into economical stain remover and eventually, for the consumer’s satisfaction and for the benefits to our local farmer.

The researchers made this eco-friendly stain remover have an alternative stain remover from chemical- based bleaches. And also, the main goal is to help our nature. . General objectives- to determine the acidity or PH scale in each extract of the fruits. . Specific objectives- to effectively eradicate some types of stains SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY To the laundry workers, the proposed study can help them to save money and do not contain high quality of chemical that can burn skin.

Economy and local farmers, the proposed study could also benefit to them because the researchers selected just the local fruit from our country. To the researchers, the proposed study can be further improved by the students who have the same study of these products. To all users, the proposed study can benefit some people especially those who are saving money because the product doesn’t need much time and just cheap and this fruits can be commonly seen in the surrounding. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS In this study, the researchers perform the experiment in Danao City on March 28, 2014 at 8:30 PM.

The researchers will gather the results of stained clothes soaking it in the product. Over-ripped kamias. , calamansi and tomato will not be used in this experiment. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE HISTORY A New Stain Mixture: Aceto-Orcein-Fast-Green A new mixture consisting of aceto-orcein, fast green, and salt is described. The mixture provides contrast between nuclear material, nucleoli and cytoplasm without differentiation. We have found it most useful in the staining of teased tissues, squashes, smears and suspensions (fixed and unfixed).

We recommend it for the great speed and simplicity with which it provides a stain having the contrast of much more laborious histological techniques. HYPOTHESIS The researchers predicted that the eco-friendly stain remover can remove stains. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS RECORDING OF DATE AND INTERPRETATION Fruits and extracts Acidity/PH scale Calamansi 2. 5-3 Camias ginger lily 4. 47 Tomatoes 4. 1-4. 6 Based on the data shown above, the following extracts of fruits can remove type of stains like rust, coffee, ink and etc. because all the extract are proven acids. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS CONCLUSION Based on the data revealed on the findings, the researchers concluded that the fruits extracts can effectively eliminate some types of stains. RECOMMENDATIONS: The following recommendations are formulated and are highly suggested: 1. The researchers are truly recommending this study to be enhanced by the future generation. In which, the researchers study can be competitive than the chemical-based products. 2. The product should not be drunk. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

The researchers would like to thank the following individuals who made this study and product successful. First, to God who gave the researchers a determination, strength, and knowledge that makes the product possible. Next, to their parents, who guide them and support them especially to the financial assistance. And lastly the researchers would extend their finest gratitude to their advisers Mrs. Mary Jean Sigayle, Mr. Roderick Cayamanda, and importantly Mrs. Dorie Ann Bareja for guiding the researchers and for the patience they gave to finally make the product.

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