Mnc Companies: Are They Devil in Disguise

2 February 2017

Increasing the competition between government companies and private companies. 2) There is no job security. 3) Not increasing the standard of living of every class.

4) Youngsters only are getting jobs, not the adults. 5) There is a age limit in MNC’s , somehow around 40s or 45s. 6) leads to drainage of wealth to foreign countries. 7) due to adoption of capital intensive means of production lot of people are unemployed. MNCs are definitely not devils in disguise. Latest technologies and innovations are brought in India by these MNCs.They provide job opportunities and a better job prospectus for their employees.

Mnc Companies: Are They Devil in Disguise Essay Example

They ensure global exposure, giving greater scope for learning. MNCs support outsourcing, providing job opportunities. These days public sector jobs are limited and the organisations under it are corrupt. MNCs joint venture with some Indian companies for developmental works. MNCs pay more leading to economic gains and thereby raising the standard of living. Competition has increased between the companies leading to production of cost effective and better quality products.Eg) Due to the revolution in d mobile communication, the cost of the handsets and call charges are brought down.

So here there are benefits as well as losses. But the main thing is that by the coming MNCs in our country are creating opportunities for the new generation. The foreign currency is in now in our country also so that we can import and export more thing. And yes by these MNCs the new technologies and inovations are taking place. Thats why our country’s economic condition is improving. So the MNCs cannot be devils in disguise.

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