Moanin In the Moonlight by Howlin Wolf

9 September 2019

“Oooohhhhh.” This album, “Moanin In the Moonlight”, by Howlin Wolf is a very slow and draggy album. There are three songs in the album of 12 that are on the faster end, although the rest are very slow. The theme of this album is mainly about his girlfriend and his life in relation to her. It looks like it may have been recorded live because he is getting out his immediate words. This album is a very slow one and the majority of the songs in this album are very slow. When you listen to it, it feels very gloomy and draggy. Also Howlin Wolf’s voice is not the most soothing voice, it is very raspy and harsh. The slow songs over and over again was not the most amusing thing to listen to as well. He sings about what most blues singers were singing about at that time, hardships. The lyrics of the songs are very repetitive within each song; he says the same lyrics a lot in a song. He also howls a lot during some of the songs, and it is the same kind of howl, it sounds the same every time. “Oooohhhhh,” is what is sounded like during all of the songs. The technique of the album is the same throughout all of the songs. The quality is not very good, it is very raspy and harsh. Howlin Wolf sings, but he also plays the harmonica on a lot of the songs. He stops singing and starts playing, so it is the main focus of the song. He is very good at playing the harmonica as well. This album is the earliest album Howlin Wolf has made, releasing in 1958. The latest album he has made was released in 1973. This album is different from “Moanin In the Moonlight” because it has an electric guitar, which was not in any songs from “Moanin In the Moonlight”. The songs are a bit faster than the songs in “Moanin In the Moonlight”, but not by much. Howlin Wolf was born on June 10, 1910 in West Point, Mississippi. He signed with Chicago’s Chess Records and by 1960 he had begun to work with songwriter Willie Dixon. He died on January 10, 1976 in Hines, Illinois. This album is not a very good one, the songs are the same tempo and about mainly the same thing. Therefore, it is not worth buying the album.

Moanin In the Moonlight by Howlin Wolf Essay Example

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