Mobile Computing

3 March 2017

Mobile Computing is the ability to connect to the internet through a variety of wireless computing devices on the go. Mobile computing provides wireless transmission to access data and information from whatever location. Mobile computing consists of three different aspects: mobile hardware, mobile communication technologies, and mobile software. Mobile computing devices include the following: laptop pc’s, tablet pc’s, PDA’s, carputers, smartphones, and other hand held devices. Installed inside of these devices are radio-signals that receive and transmit electronic data.

There are different wireless network technologies that are used for mobile computing. Mobile hardware is also known as mobile devices. There is a variety of devices that allows us the convenience of mobile computing. There has been a few ways of mobile computing that has been introduced since the 1990’s. Carputers are normally installed in police cars. They are known as mobile data terminals. PDA or Personal Data assistants, which happen to be one of the devices introduced in the 1990’s. They are personal organizers that, connects to the internet. PDA’s was one of the first mobile computing devices.

Mobile Computing Essay Example

Smart phones “have more advanced computing capability and connectivity than the normal cellular phones”. Smart phones include high end phones such as: blackberry, iPhone, htc, and others. Tablets which are bigger than a cellular phone and a PDA have touch screen capabilities. Laptops/notebooks vary in size and can be used for mobile use. Mobile Computing Mobile communication technologies consist of: networks, communication properties, protocols, data formats, and concrete technologies. These wireless networks include LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, GRPS, and more. LAN refers to local area networking.

It connects mobile computing devices within a particular area. WAN refers to wide area networking. It connects devices in a wider area. Wi-Fi is the most commonly used and least expensive way of accessing the internet. Anyone can access the internet through wife as long as, the wireless network is not encrypted. Encrypted meaning, you need a password to access. An alternative to Wi-Fi is cellular broadband. “Cellular broadband is a type of mobile computing technology that utilizes a cellular modem or air card to connect to cell towers for internet access. There is a Pc card or express card slot located on laptops and notebooks in which the air card fits giving you immediate access to the internet on the go. WI-FI gives wireless connection through a wireless router. GRPS or General Packet Radio Service provides fast internet connection on cell phones. Mobile software deals with requirements and characteristics of mobile applications. The requirements of mobile computing application, determines the hardware and the environment that is required to support the application. Mobile software consists of two categories: horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal application includes software that provides email, web-browsing, word processing, scheduling, etc. on mobile devices. Vertical applications include software made for specific industries. Normally, specific industries such as: retail, law enforcement, medical, shipping, etc. Mobile computing comes along with both benefits and limitations. Mobile Computing There are many benefits of mobile computing. There is no confinement to a certain location. You can instantly connect with anyone, anytime, and anyplace through the internet. Students and professionals can conduct researches whenever.

No longer do you have to wait until you get home to access the internet on your desktop. Also, there are a great number of entertainment options such as: games, music, movies, videos, and more. With the benefits there also come limitations. Power consumption can be a problem at times. When mobility is involved there is not a consistent source of power to rely on. Reception in certain areas can be poor; there is a possibility that there will be no signal or internet service. Some locations may not have Wi-Fi. Also, with mobile computing some devices may be smaller than the average home or work computer.

Therefore, it could be a problem for some as far as, the keyboard or screens being too small. Mobile computing has become an indispensable way of life. Mobile computing provides wireless transmission to access data and information from whatever location. It can be enabled by a different combination of hardware, software, and communication technologies. There has been a high demand for mobile computing devices in the recent years. The growth in use and purchases has really sky rocketed. In 2011 the use of laptops was at 47%. The use of internet through mobile phones was at 40% and accessing the internet wirelessly was at 59%.

Mobile Computing The survey showed that usage was through the use of mobile computing devices. “Mobile computing devices have enabled users to take immediate decisions and hence boost businesses”. Mobile computing has been a flow of continuous enhancement and innovation which is unprecedented in modern times.

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