Mobile Phone Is Neccessary Evil

12 December 2016

The Mobile phone is viewed as an important communication tool and has become an integral part of our daily life which is popular and also one of the latest technologies nowadays. Almost teenagers are increasing using and own mobile phones these days and they think it is an essential tool. There must be reasons why we have to dependent on mobile phones. This essay will argue that how and why people use mobile phones. However, it will be clarified in two parts. Firstly, it will tell us about advantages of mobile phones. Secondly, it will talk about disadvantages of mobile phones.

First of all, mobile phones are most common electronic technology and become a fashion accessory to the teenagers. Most people have cell phones and they used it in many ways. As far as we all know around the world, every one of us understands the importance of mobile phones in today’s society. The most important thing is internet site which people can chat on Facebook and Gmail etc. These people who are in my friend list can chat whenever they online and use Skype to talk face to face. You can send e-mails, texts, music, video, photos and more.

Mobile Phone Is Neccessary Evil Essay Example

They make it easy for us to contact with family, friends and love ones which available these days that let you do more than talk on them. However, young people spend most of their pocket money on prepaid cards. We have technology today that allows us to keep in almost constant contact with one another. People like to use electronic technology for enjoyment and keep them busy and not being bored. Secondly, mobile phone is very useful for emergency. Mobile phone can save our life when we are in trouble. You can use it to call an ambulance for a sick person to take him/ her to the hospital.

You can also call police when some people are abusing you. You can use it when you are far away with your family to contact them. Mobile phones can be used for communication with family and friends which including a network of specialized base stations. Mobile phones can be used anywhere and everywhere whenever you want to call an emergency for help. Mobile phones are very important to us and give us different of benefits. Thirdly, mobile phones can cause distraction in education. They can disturb students and teachers while they are fully concentration and the person’s phone rings, it disrupts the whole class.

Children tend to get distract with all the entertainment inside their mobile phones such as music players, movies, games and messages. The students will become lazy to participate in class activities or outside class activities as they keep on bringing the mobile phones in school. They won’t be able to complete their school work and they will develop this kinder of attitude. Thus education standards would deteriorate. Moreover, mobile phones provide a large temptation to cheat in the examinations. Above all, more and more university students are indulged in games, internet etc. which make them weak in study.

Lastly, mobile phones radiation damages brain function. Scientists believe that a call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child’s brain for up to an hour afterwards. Also, talking on mobile phones can penetrate deep into the brain and not just around the ear. Doctor’s anxieties that disturb brain activity in children lead to psychiatric and behavioural problems or impair learning ability. Most of all, doctors indicate that cell phones affect the biology of the brain. A laboratory study has shown that radio waves from mobile phones do harm body cells and damage DNA.

Mobile phone users can easily be affecting by brain tumours due to the radiations emit by cell phones. Interestingly, the risk is highest for tumour on the same side of the brain where phone mostly hold. In conclusion one can see from the ideas stated above that mobile phones are most common electronic technology and become a fashion accessory to the teenagers. Mobile phones are also very important for emergency. Mobile phone radiation disturbs learning and damage brain function. However, the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones can make people aware of the suffering of life in order to free themselves from going through this.

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