Mobile Phones

9 September 2016

My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world. Carrie Underwood Like every body here my cell phone is my best friend. Thanks to martin cooper who has invented such a lovely gadget which has stored a mini world in it. and thanks to Android Inc who has given such a beautiful OS where we can download many apps. And coming to the topic now I am basically not so extrovert so that it helps me a lot in passing my time especially when I feel lonely. I never feel bad that I am staying away from home because whenever I want where ever I am I can Speak to my Parents and fight with my brother.

And I can access to FB and can chat with all my friends. Where ever I go If I can see some thing beautiful I don need to worry that I am not carrying may camera with me. I have my mobile phone which can replace the camera and will give beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, although it may be a good idea for youngsters to have them, not one of them would accept a simple basic cell phone that only made calls and sent SMS would they? Although the increase in cell phone popularity may not have been expected to reach such a high level, the manufacturers have improved the cell phone enormously in a very short space of time.

Mobile Phones Essay Example

Manufacturers and Computer Experts have introduced the possibility of giving your phone personality by introducing cellular phone wallpapers. The internet has been a big help with obtaining wallpaper directly available online. Now, using the cell phones own camera, images can be used as wallpaper and even sent to other phones. If you prefer you can use an image you have captured previously on your own digital camera but the process takes a little longer to install. Why not add some text as well, possibly something funny to your cellular phone wallpaper, just to add a little more of your personality.

Those people that have older models may not be able to do this but it really shouldn’t matter or make you feel as if you are missing out on something. Cell phone ring tones are another way of giving you phone that individual feel so even if your phone cannot change its background, you may find that the ring tone can be changed to make your model more individual. You must never forget what the cell-phone is actually for and remember that sending a SMS text does not need the most popular background or ring tone to help it on its way!

Functionality does not necessitate cellular phone wallpapers; their use is only to dress up your phone and for the purpose of flaunting your cell-phones high technology features, nothing more. Try to bear in mind that not everyone is interested in your life and conversations so as a final point try to think of others when you use your phone. Many people will judge you by how you use your cell-phone as it shows what type of person you are. There are many locations where it is not suitable, or accepted that a cell phone should be used, and you will have more respect from others if you turn it off when you are in this type of situation.

Good behavior can be catching and yours may lead others to do the same, be different, do not do what others do just because it is easier. It is a two-way thing, if you exhibit telephone etiquette, the people around you will do the same. Now with the fast paced life that most of us live with in juggling work and family we have entered into the mobile Internet era. I, myself thought I would never need a mobile phone with internet access so when I purchased my current phone which is a smart phone I was surprised how much I rely on the internet use.

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