Mobile Phones and the Internet

10 October 2016

However,this section of population is the fewer users of mobile phones and the internet. In what ways can mobile phones and the internet be useful to old peple? How can the old people be encouraged to use this new technology? The advances of technology have brought our lifestyles enormous changes. Some people believe that mobile phones and the internet are helpful for old people, while others support that some improvements should appear to enlarge its influence.

The reasons for this trend may involve the below recognitions. First of all, it is of the convenience for old people to keep in touch with their friends and families. When they are in urgent situation, they can utilize the handy phone or the internet to ask for help timely. Furthermore, the old people can call their friends at anytime they feel lonely. As we know, the old people probably frustrate sometimes, as their children are usually isolated with them.

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Mobile Phones and the Internet
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Thus, it is an effective approach to overcome this issue.

Lastly, for old people, they can obtain all the intimate news through the internet without even a step out of doors. People who commonly surf the internet to get information tend to have a broader horizons, so it is useful to keep pace with the world and not to be β€œout of fashion”. Since these tools are beneficial to old people, who are actually the fewer users of mobile phones and the internet, manufacturers can design an extra pattern, which particular suit old people.

The operations, for instance, can be more pleasant or suitable for the elder. And enough attention should be paid to some details, like bigger words on the screen. Another important factor is that the price should be reasonable, which means the level is within the range that old people can receive and afford. In a summary, if more measures are taken to optimize the operations, more benefits can be obtained.

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