Mobile Phones Should Not Be Banned in Public Places

3 March 2017

Last night, there was a piece on the news that was really eye-catching. It stated that, of the 6 billion people in the world, about 4. 8 billion people own a mobile phone. This figure shows how useful cell phones are and how common it has become to own one. Mobile phones should not be banned in public places, reasons being it is very useful during emergencies, its several features and applications have become indispensable and banning it would kill the very purpose for which one purchases it. Mobile phones can be a handy little device to own. It is especially useful in the time of emergency.

Consider a situation in which one has a flat tyre and is in the middle of nowhere. With the help of a mobile phone, they would be able to contact any person who would be able to help them. If someone has met with a car accident, it has now become very easy to contact the police, hospital or any one who could be of help with a cell phone. With the increase in the number of mobile phone users, telecom companies provide a very widely spread network area, which is essential in an emergency. Nowadays, mobile phones come with a variety of useful applications. The most common application is the camera.

Mobile Phones Should Not Be Banned in Public Places Essay Example

For instance, if one was out on a vacation with their friends and family but forgot to bring a camera along. Oh, wait! Mobile phones come with a built in camera facility such that they can capture those fun moments. Another feature that is also available is the MP3 player. Anyone can now listen to their favorite music or play games on their mobile phone. However, one has to remember to plug in their earphones so that they are not disturbing any one around them. The internet has become a very useful application especially for the people in the business field since they have to answer to their clients at any time of the day.

They can send emails, instant message other people and also view and prepare presentations. One can also get the latest updates in news through the internet. With the help of GPS (Global Positioning System), which is available on most cell phones, it is pretty much impossible to get lost. It gives the user their exact location along with directions to reach the place where they want to go. The GPS application is very useful if they are in a new place or country where they are not sure of their way around. Banning of mobile phones would defeat the very purpose for which a cell phone was made.

Mobile phones are meant to be used when a person does not have access to a landline. If it were banned from public places, the basic purpose of having a cell phone would be eliminated. Hence, restricting the use of mobile phones in public is not a very good idea. The multitude of useful applications, which makes a mobile phone so indispensable today, will be rendered useless and there would be no reason for one to own the device. Mobile phones should not be banned in public places. If such a rule is enforced mobile phone companies had better be prepared to go bust – who would purchase a “mobile” if it cannot be used when one is mobile?

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