Moby’s “Play” is a very interesting, entertaining and addictive album. It features a wide variety of music, from gospel-inspired folk music to mellow, almost gothic half-rock half-poetry. Moby, the most prominent and well-respected DJ of the techno genre, still has some true, heartfelt songs here, like “Porcelain.” All the songs on this album, however, are gems.

The first four purvey a somber mood, but one that is strangely inspirational. They combine gospel and pre-?s folk tunes with strong bass beats and techno influences. Then the album moves onto “South Side,” the most popular song of the album, partially due to its featuring No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani. It is a very catchy song, and the chorus is spectacular with strong guitar tunes.Next, the album moves on to a familiar regimen with more gospel songs and traditional techno. A remarkable one is “Run On,” which is the most gospel-influenced song here. The only new-age sound is the occasional turntable sound, but don’t let that fool you, it is a more-than-worthy song for your attentive ears.

The album ends with a few tracks focusing on acoustic guitar tunes, again very enjoyable, and then ends with the gothic musical poetry songs.Overall, “Play” is an amazing album, one that brought Moby a large amount of public attention and continues to bring him listeners. I recommend buying this album, whether you’re a heavy metal or an oldies-but-goldies fan. .

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