Mod Sun by Mod Sun

9 September 2019

Mod Sun is a rapper who started out touring with a few rock bands as a drummer. He soon became his own independent artist and is now very successful. He has seven albums and is currently on tour. What is unique about Mod Sun is he does not see his “fans” and “fans” he sees them as friends. There are many interviews that you will come across in which he always says “no fans, only friends” and “I do not have a fan base, I have a friend base”. His message he portrays through his music is loud, clear, and genuine: BE HAPPY. Mod Sun’s music is at times highly inappropriate, but there is always a lesson to be learned from each song. One of my favorites is “Lightning In A Bottle” from the album “Blazed by the Bell” which talks about saving people’s lives through his music. A girl wrote him a letter and in that letter it tells him that one of his songs saved her life. It goes on to say how that is more precious than any award that could be won or any amount of money that could be given. In this song he says “Heard you were headed down the wrong road, head spinning like a cyclone, so imma do what I came to do and teach you all a thing or two and get you on your way back home.” In his music it shows how humble he is and how much he just loves what he does as well as helping people which is more than we can say for some artists out there. Another song that he wrote was a remake of a song written by Alicia Keys titled “It Doesn’t Mean Anything” from the album “How to Make a Mod Sun”. This song talks about following your dreams no matter what and the struggle that it takes but in the end you can make it if you just never, ever give up. He also says that having everything does not mean anything if you do not do what makes YOU happy. Mod Sun’s music is so genuine and speaking as a person whose passion is in music and making a difference in at least one person’s life, he is incredibly amazing. His music has not only helped me in my everyday life, but it has helped millions of people in their lives I am sure. His music could be considered “hippy music” but I promise you that you will not regret listening to his music. It will bring you tears of joy in your eyes, content in your heart, a smile to your face, and most importantly a new view on life. You will feel some emotions that you did not know you could feel. Although at times he in inappropriate you will not regret listening, especially on your worst days.

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