Modern Mass Media In Greece

4 April 2015
Reviews the history of mass media in Greece. Examines the rocky relationship between the media and the government. Discusses the diversity of media outlets in the nation.

Every country has a mix of media including the press, television, radio, and today various computer services. The different elements of the media may have different sources and different controls imposed upon them, and the degree of freedom accorded the media will vary from country to country. Greece is a country that has had a complex political development in modern times even as the mass media has become a force for the dissemination of information around the world, and the media has often become the focus for political wrangling among the different factions in Greece. The degree of control imposed on the media in Greece is also a function of the political development of that country since World War II.

Modern Mass Media In Greece Essay Example

The monarchy in Greece was abolished in 1924 and reinstated …

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