Modern tecnology negative effects

6 June 2016

1.A mere 20 years after the Internet was founded, people do not yet know how the explosion in digital connectivity is shaping society.

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Modern tecnology negative effects
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2.Social media or texting on phone changed our grammar and spellings like. The words were “O.K.” now just “K”, “See you” as “c ya.” and “Take Care” as “TC”.

3.The question on researchers’ minds is whether all that texting, instant messaging and online social networking allows children to become more connected and supportive of their friends — or whether the quality of their interactions is being diminished without the intimacy and emotional give and take of regular, extended face-to-face time.

4.A digital divide is “a generation gap between those who master and do not master digital technology” Essentially; a digital divide is “the difference between those who know and those who do not know how to act in a digital environment”.

5.The popularity of apps, social networking and gaming among young people could lead to childhood development problems.

6.People are becoming lazier; choosing to stay at home and play video games than go to a basketball game or get together with friends.

7.Not all technology is bad or evil, but we do need to be careful that we don’t become slaves.

8.Newspapers and music stores have been forced to shut down since items are available online. 9.Technology for the most part on youth has been great; the thing is that today’s kids have become dependent on their electronics. 10.Calculators have taken away some kids ability to do basic math in their head.

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