Modern teenager are given too much

5 May 2016

In the past period, many children got less freedom from their guardians. When they we were free time, they had to help their guardians. However, at the present day, their parents give them much freedom.

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Modern teenager are given too much
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In this essay, the argument surrounding the advantages and disadvantages of giving them much freedom will be discussed. First, the advantage of giving much freedom to teenagers is less pressure. When the children begin to teen age, they will want the private time to do many activities such as meeting with friends, watching movies with sweetheart, and so on.

If their parents limit their lives, they may pressure and become major depressive disorder. Second, on the other hand, there still is the disadvantage of giving the teenagers much freedom, which is overconfidence. For example, when their parents instruct them, as they are independent, they do not obey. Furthermore, getting the freedom may cause the bad results. When they are granted too much freedom, they may behave unsuitable action such as smoking, drinking alcohol, midnight wandering etc. Third, another disadvantage is lacking of family’s love.

If the teenagers get a lot of freedom, they will spend time with their friends more than their families. Then, they rarely share the ideas with their parents and will not get advices from their parents. To sum up, when teenagers are given too much freedom by parents, they will get positive and negative results. However, if their parents give much freedom or less freedom, it affect them negative sides. Therefore their parents should give the balanced freedom to them.

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