Modern youth subculture

2 February 2018

There are a valuable dominant , or core of culture, and next to it a number of subcultures formations in any culture. The question arises(is) what the subculture is. It was assumed that subculture is a subsystem of the whole system of culture.

But, there is no any well-established system of views on the appearance of subcultures nowadays. Every science interprets this concept and describes it room the point of their subject and methodology.Subculture usually a special case of culture in general. It is always different with its some locales and reticence to a certain extent, in varying degrees, is loyal to the value system of the dominant culture, although there are exceptions . Youth subculture is a special case Of manifestations(display) Of subculture in general. Epithet of “youth” immediately defines a cultural niche that is occupied by people united on the principle of age. In this case, the age – an important demographic characteristics.

The special psychology of age in ultra is undeniably important, as it seriously influences the mentality and spirituality.Youth subculture is born and exists in connection with the specific needs of young people to socialize and at the same time to assert themselves actively. It was assumed(considered) that young people —in the life of those rules and regulations, which were professed by their ancestors. Youth often characterized categorical judgments, perfectionism, rejection councils, their subordination existing burdens models of social development, they are characterized by dynamism, openness to the world, eighteen emotionality, romantic aspirations, etc..At the heart of youth subcultures there is a special way of relating to the world with its system of spiritual values. Youth subculture is a special way of life that is divided mainly living them directly or sympathizers.

Youth subculture – it is nothing but a form of self-expression of young people, expression of their goals in life: to change the world, their life, refuse from the social canons, approve alternative life attitude in relation to the(with) pre-existing etc . Public opinions about the different kinds of youth subcultures are different.Some people imagine it as any unusual behaviors of youth social “deviation”, imitating the West, idleness, and therefore subject to elimination. Others believe that young people are trying (let in somewhat exotic way) somehow to express himself, his attitude and say something about himself to society- -? and because it borrows from its Western counterparts Having considered the youth subculture “hip-hop” in Russia and Gyrations, we can conclude that almost everything about this subculture, including its “language” is really borrowed from subcultures ‘hip-hop”which is originated LISA.

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