Modernism and Ball Turret Gunner

9 September 2016

In this poem it says at the start everything is gold or perfect then it goes away in the end which has loss of faith. It is rejecting Eden as a hero and who is flawed. “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” is modernism because a guy shows up, asks for work, takes the truck, and leaves the blind girl he married at a restaurant. This shows how a human mind can work in an evil way. He took the old ladies blind daughter that has never left home before and she loves her daughter and never wanted her to leave home but the strange man took her and left her all by herself.

There is no hero in this story. The old lady didn’t do much to be a hero and neither did the blind girl. The strange man was the opposite of a hero, was greedy, and selfish by taking the car and leaving after he repaired it. “ The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” is a contemporary work because it comments on itself by saying, “When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hoses”. This poem has multiple meanings. One meaning is that he is in his mom’s stomach. The second meaning is him in the ball turret of a B-17 airplane. This is very personal.

Modernism and Ball Turret Gunner Essay Example

He got killed fighting for his country and they sprayed him out with a hose and didn’t give him the proper burial and respect. Night is also a contemporary work because it is very personal. He was put in a death camp for many years treated like crap because he was jewish. They barely fed the prisoners so they starved and died. They would also kill them with gas and work them to death. He talks about the past with no fear so everyone knows what happened in the past. The whole story is commenting on itself by explaining what happened at those death camps.

Some of these stories and poems are modernist and contemporary works. Whether is in our past or present its still important. The works have many meanings and people enjoy reading them for the meaning of it not just to be entertained by the story but the true meaning of it. Poems and short stories have made a big impact in education and the way society is. Many people love poems and short stories but other people can hate them. I don’t like them my self but they still are important in education and for our future world.

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