Modest Mouse – “Good News for People Who Love Bad News ”

6 June 2019

Modest Mouse is one of my favorite bands.I have been enjoying and rocking out to their music for two years now. Ifirst heard about them through a friend when they were not mainstreampunk/rock. Then this year “Float On” started grabbingpeople’s attention and now Modest Mouse is nationallyknown. Their CD “Good News for People Who Love BadNews” not only has a catchy title but also great music. The musicis not loud, hard core or really all that punk; many refer to ModestMouse as indie rock. It’s good music with great lyrics that getstuck in your head, and you want them to stay stuck because the music islike a high. The lyrics are very truthful since they sing aboutwhat is on their mind and it’s awesome. The whole CD is justnonstop enjoyment. Some of my favorite songs include “The GoodTimes are Killing Me,” “Black Cadillacs,”“Bukowski” and “Blame It on theTetons.” Modest Mouse has eight albums out in stores, butmy all- time favorites are “Building Nothing Out ofSomething” and “This is a Long Drive for Someone WithNothing to Think About,” which are great additions to your CDcollection. I promise you that this is a CD that will stay in yourplayer.

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