Modifying My Future

5 May 2019

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m already here, at one moment I could recall playing across the childish earth but now I’m here preparing myself for college and my future. Everything lies ahead of me.

I recall walking into my chemistry classroom with a troubling thought, “It’s hard to accept the fact that this would be my last step into such a simplistic yet complex classroom.” At the time I thought that I had figured out my career plans but something special happened on that particular day that made me stop and reconsider the future I looked eagerly to.

Modifying My Future Essay Example

After all of the tedious and complicated assignments I had completed, I acquired the title of “accomplished A+ student”. The way I see it, each assignment had opened up the opportunity to learn about foreign ideas and concepts. Such curiosity had opened up the pathway to my incredibly detailed and persistent mind.Almost any problem held the worth of working towards the solution. Pencil lead transferred smoothly to paper developed as a common visual in my life as an ordinary high school student. My perspective of my chemistry class was the equivalent as a child to a playground. When the last time I would be in that class approached, I had no idea that my future career plans would be subject to modification within the last 30 minutes left.

As the final frame of time drew near, I had walked among the inconvenience of my classmates’ excellently disorganized mess of bags, to have a small conversation with my great chemistry teacher. The sound of the bell signaled, to which an ocean of ecstatic students had flooded into the hallway due to the anticipation of class dismissal. I calmly went back to my organized desk, gathered my belongings and headed towards the door.
“Alex! You, might want to consider taking AP chem., I think you would excel within that class.” My teacher had yelled to inform me. Spinning around, I had acknowledged the statement and replied “I just might have to consider it”

Having Chemistry as a possible career field had never even crossed my mind. Throughout the rest of the school day, that statement had preoccupied the most part of my brain, much like how a cloud that shields the brightness of the sun. The thought “what if I decide to major in chemistry?” had relayed to the point of annoyance. As, in a chemistry lab, after I had analyzed all possible aspects of the pros. and cons. within the field, I came to a conclusion. It was determined that I would further my knowledge of chemistry buy continuing my study both in and out of the classroom.

Again, it’s interesting how life seems to work. Recalling how I felt my stomach plummet to the center of the Earth as I took my first step into that classroom due to a haunting nervousness that followed, and then how it felt disheartening to take my last step out of it. I would have never thought that my future plans could change so suddenly, within the length of a short phrase, I had realized that chemistry would be my path to follow.
Now, following my desired path, I’m thankful that my teacher had encouraged me to take the next step because it triggered a reaction within me and provided an even better solution to look forward to. Now as a high school senior I know what path to follow and if anyone were to ask me about my future plans, I reply confidently with “I’m working towards my master degree in chemistry.”

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