12 December 2017

The unabated targeted killings, activities of extortionists, violent protests, tries, and day mornings by political and religious parties have had their detrimental impact on trade and industrial activities.

Industrialists say continued violence coupled with mourning days and strikes have badly disturbed the business environment of city that ultimately hit the economy of country. Export orders being shifted to regional competitors and layoffs have become a normal norm for the city Industrialists due to the deteriorating law and order situation.During the week over 50 people were killed and scores other Injured In targeted killing incidents in the city. The elements involved in the targeted killing have now resorted to indiscriminate firing on hotels and tea stalls, which remained open till late night or through out the night. Instead of taking action against the people involved the firing incidents on tea stalls and hotels in different areas of the city, Karachi police have ordered the owners of teas stalls and hotels to closed down their concerns early in the night.The illogical ordered invited the ire of citizens and media. A student of a college, Name, commented it seemed the Karachi police on day would ski the people not to come out of the homes, so that they could not become victim of targeted killing.

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People have strongly cruelled the government for Its Illogical and mindless decision such as banning pillion riding and early closure of tea stalls and hotels.They say that the pillion-riding ban had no impact on the ongoing bloodletting in the city, as it continues unabated despite pillion riding ban. They asked the government to take concrete steps to maintain law and order situation in the largest city of the country, which is financial and industrial hub of the country besides being revenue engine for it contribution of over 70 percent of total revenue of the country.Though the government has lifted the pillion-riding ban following strong criticism from all quarters and the home department denied It had ordered early closure of the tea stalls In the city, but there Is no effective and concerted effort on part of the government and law enforcement agencies In the sight as far as the continuous lawlessness In Karachi Is concerned. Activists bailed out by courts in different targeted killing and criminal cases are involved in the fresh wave of target killings in Karachi.According to sources, as many as 450 activists of Miami National Party (NAP), Mutandis Oakum Movement (MGM), Major Oakum Movement (MGM-H), Pakistan Sunnis Either (SST), both groups of Liar gang war, Pakistan People’s Party (APP) banned sectarian groups and other have ‘disappeared’ after being freed on bail by different courts in criminal cases. After the intelligence agencies report that the bailed out activists of different political parties ND sectarian groups are involved in the fresh wave of violence in the city, the concerned authorities decided to take action against them.

After receiving directives from the high ups, the Karachi police have launched operation against such political workers and activists of secretarial groups and gang in different areas of the city. Police during raids in different areas of the city have arrested as many as 52 political parties workers for being involved in the ongoing wave of targeted killings. Sources said that SHOOS of different police stations have been directed to strictly monitor in heir respective areas the activities of active workers of political parties and those who have been freed on bail in criminal cares.Meanwhile, Federal Interior Minister Raman Mali admitted that workers of NAP, MGM, APP and other parties were involved in extortion and targeted killings in Karachi. He said that various groups were involved in the deteriorating law and order situation. He said that police and other law enforcement agencies have been ordered to take across the board action against the elements involved in criminal activities and targeted killings in Karachi.

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