1 January 2017

Mombasa’s history dates back to the 16th century, and it has been ruled by the Portuguese, Arabs and British-which have all influenced the town’s culture and the attractions that still exist including historical ruins such as Fort Jesus and the Old Town. Fort Jesus remains the biggest remnant of Mombasa’s history when it was dominated by the Portuguese. Fort Jesus still contains cells where the slaves were held, and various artifacts from that era in the museum at the Fort. In addition to the evidence in the Fort, there also is a town bell located in Nyali just as you exit the Nyali Bridge.

The bell was rung to inform the locals to hide from the slave capturers who were fast approaching. A walk through the narrow winding streets of Old Town can also provide a sense of daily life several hundred years ago. Old Town takes visitors back through time to illustrate facets of early Swahili culture, influenced by the presence of the Omani Arabs in the town. In tandem with Muslim-influenced architecture, one can find traces of the Indian and British colonial past. Many houses in the Old Town are modeled on ancient Swahili designs, of which a defining feature tends to doors with intricately carved designs.

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Some of these designs are also found on the furniture in upscale hotels. A walk through Old Town can yield some fascinating insights into the traditional Swahili culture, and clearly illustrate the Muslim influence on the town and its inhabitants. Colonial buildings from the British era are also scattered throughout the city. The famous “Mombasa Tusks” are located in the centre of town – the two pairs of crossed tusks formed a ceremonial arch to commemorate the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 II. Economic Analysis Mombasa is a major trade centre and home to Kenya’s only large seaport, the Kilindini Harbor.

Kilindini is an old Swahili term meaning “deep”. The port is so called because the channel is naturally very deep. Kilindini Harbor is an example of a natural geographic phenomenon called a ria, formed millions of years ago when the sea level rose and engulfed a river that was flowing from the mainland.

Mombasa is the centre of coastal tourism in Kenya. Mombasa Island itself is not a main attraction, although many people visit the Old Town and Fort Jesus. Mombasa’s northern shoreline is renowned for its vibrant 24-hour entertainment offers, including both family entertainment (water parks, cinemas, bowling, etc. , sports (water sports, mountain biking and go karting), culinary offers (restaurants offering a wide range of specialties from Kenya, China, Japan, India, Italy, Germany and other countries) and night life(bars, pubs, clubs, discotheques, etc). Other local industries include an oil refinery and the Bamburi Cement factory. The major intercontinental undersea telecom cables reach shore next to Mombasa, connecting East Africa to the rest of the world and supporting a fast-growing call centre business in the area.

Economic summary GDP: $17. 43 billion (2005) at Market Price. $ 41. 6 billion (Purchasing Power Parity, 2006), There exists an informal economy that is never counted as part of the official GDP figures. Annual growth rate: 5. 8% (2005): 2006 = 6. 1% Per capita income: Per Capita Income (PPP) = $1,200 Natural resources: Wildlife, land (5% arable) Agricultural produce : tea, coffee, sugarcane, horticultural products, corn, wheat, rice, sisal, pineapples, pyrethrum, dairy products, meat and meat products, hides, skins Industry :petroleum products, grain and sugar milling, cement, beer, soft drinks, textiles, vehicle assembly, paper and light manufacturing, tourism III.

Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis I. Introduction The coastal city of Mombasa is one of Africa’s major tourist destinations, with some of the best beaches in the world. Located on Kenya’s Eastern coastline bordering the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has become popular for its exotic beaches, diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly people. Mombasa has undoubtedly one of the best white sandy beaches in Africa. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean cater to all types of tourists: those looking for a quiet swim, a place for kids to play, deep-sea fishing, and water sports activities such as scuba diving and sailing.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Mombasa offers a diverse cultural history. The City traces many of its cultural traditions to former Portuguese, Arab and British settlers – all of which have left a lasting influence on the City’s food, architecture, and people. Tours of the town, safaris in game parks, and camping trips can all be included in your vacation plan. Nightlife in Mombasa is always exciting, and the City offers many dance clubs and casinos that cater to a variety of entertainment tastes. Or, you can always catch a movie at the cinema, go bowling, or grab a drink at the local pub.

Mombasa is also home to a variety of different languages, the most common being Swahili and English. Most visitors – particularly those who speak German, French, or Dutch – will also have no problems communicating in the City. There is diversity in the cuisine available to visitors, including a host of quality restaurants offering everything from British, Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisine, to a variety of local and traditional Kenyan dishes. Given its ocean-side location, seafood options are abundant and outstanding and can often be eaten within a couple of hours of being caught.

II. The product — Launch of VIVANTA Hotels and Resorts by Taj in Mombasa About the Group Vivanta by Taj Hotels & Resorts span options for the work-hard-play-hard traveler across metropolitan cities, other commercially important centers as well as some of the best-loved vacation spots. Stylish & sophisticated, Vivanta by Taj delivers premium hotel experiences with imagination, energy & efficiency. It’s the flavor of contemporary luxury, laced with cool informality and the charming Taj hospitality. Vivanta revels in a spirit that presents the normal with an unexpected twist.

Experiences which make you pause & appreciate the hidden beauty in life! It challenges your expectations of a hotel and unfolds multiple layers of delight. Innovative cuisine concepts, the smart use of technology & the challenge to constantly engage, energize and relax you all add up to make Vivanta by Taj the new signature in hospitality. III. The market International Tourism Arrivals to 2020 Source: UNWTO, Global Forecasts and Profiles of Market Segments (Madrid: World Tourism Organization, 2001). p. 3. The UNWTO forecasts that international arrivals are expected to reach nearly 1. 6 billion by the year 2020.

Of the worldwide arrivals in 2020, 1. 2 billion are projected to be intraregional and 378 million to be long-haul travelers. The total tourist arrivals by region show that in 2020 the top three receiving regions will be Europe (717 million tourist arrivals), East Asia and the Pacific (397 million) and the Americas (282 million), followed by Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Although Europe and North America remain the top destinations in international travel, representing about 65% of all international tourist arrivals, these more mature regions are anticipated to show lower than average growth rates.

Europe will maintain the highest share of world arrivals, although there will be a decline from 60% in 1995 to 46% in 2020. East Asia and the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, on the other hand are forecast to record growth rates of over 5% per year, compared to the world average of 4. 1%. In addition, the more resource-intensive type of travel, long-haul, is predicted to grow even faster worldwide, at 5. 4% per year over the period 1995-2020, while intra-regional travel is projected to grow at 3. 8%. Table of International Arrivals Forecasts

Source: UNWTO, Global Forecasts and Profiles of Market Segments (Madrid: World Tourism Organization, 2001), p. 4. Within this picture, two other tourism trends are particularly important: the role of ‘baby boomers’ in the U. S. and other developed countries, and the emergence of China as a major actor in tourism. More than ever before, the baby boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964)18 is traveling, investing, and living overseas. According to the AARP, two times more baby boomers are traveling than 20 years ago.

Some four million (non-military) Americans are living overseas, and 442,000 of these are receiving their social security checks abroad. 19 Several countries in Central America, including Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, have special laws given tax and import duty breaks to attract foreign retirees who chose to live there. Baby boomers will be a particularly potent factor as second home sales continue to increase in parallel with the number of retirees from America and Europe. The retiring baby boomers are driving an explosion of new condominium and vacation home construction in Mexico and Central America, as well as parts of the Mediterranean.

The ecological and cultural footprint of vacation homes and expatriate communities can overwhelm local resources and populations Typical retail outlets: In the heart of the town is where most hospitals, businesses, banks, shops and markets are situated. Hence almost all services such as health advice, financial services, or any kind of shopping, are all provided for in the City. There are four main hospitals around the City centre, with many smaller clinics located all around the town and its outskirts. They are the Mombasa hospital, Aga Khan hospital, Pandya Memorial hospital and Coast General hospital.

Most hotels have resident doctors and nurses. Financial institutions are located in abundance throughout the center of the town. Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered, and ABN-AMBRO are a few of such banks that can be found. Many other internationally-based banks also have their branches in Mombasa. Foreign exchange bureaus are also available and offer attractive exchange rates for all currencies The Product: – “Vivanta by Taj- Sea Shell”. A fresh new way to holiday Quick Peek Vivanta By Taj – Sea shell, Mombassa has all the exotic ocean views and dramatic sunsets that are de rigueur for any tropical holiday.

The twist comes when you step into your villa and instead of the usual beach dcor, find a streamlined, sophisticated take on resort accommodations. Vivanta by Taj has revamped the resort experience from stem to stern and offers the ideal escape at a stunning value proposition. Divers, beach bunnies, and honeymooners – we welcome you at Vivanta by Taj – Sea Shell. The resort is a diver’s dream destination with numerous diving sites and it’s very own reef and shipwreck to explore. For those that prefer to stay on land, the view of the lagoon dotted with water villas is hypnotic.

No matter where you travelled from, your world is about to become filled with white sand and magnificent coconut palms. Let Vivanta by Taj introduce you to bliss. Retreat: – Relax. Refresh This trip to the beach will be elegant yet rustic. Vivanta by Taj believes in watching sunsets in style. The newly redesigned accommodation at Vivanta by Taj – Sea Shell is modern and spacious. Guests can choose Superior Charm or Deluxe Delight thatched Beach Villas with large beachside porticos, Premium Indulgence Water Villas, with private decks looking out to the lagoon and Presidential Nirvana Beach Suites with private outdoor plunge pool and sun deck.

Suite guests are treated to personalized butler service. All offer unrivalled views of the sea and outdoor shower areas for private relaxation. Vivanta by Taj – Sea Shell offers high-tech connectivity with a view. Each Villa is equipped with a fully integrated, LCD TV, home theatre surround sound system with an iPod docker and high speed Internet. Get away from it all or stay plugged in. It’s up to you. Very modern. Very in. Fine tune the way you want to stay. Make the most. Without a doubt, the Villas are amazing, but if you don’t take advantage of our other experiences you’re only sampling part of the Vivanta by Taj – Sea Shell experience.

Our amazing excursions, Jiva Spa, infinity pool and persuasive leisure options are simply too special to be missed. Take us up on our offerings and enjoy the full spectrum of brilliant possibilities. Get the whole experience in all. WORK & PLAY 1)Excursions Delicious cuisine. Uninterrupted, panoramic views. Total privacy. And yet, there is an entire Island to explore. When you are ready to venture beyond this haven of peace and tranquility, Vivanta by Taj – Sea Shell offers a diverse range of escapes and experiences.

The excursions below have been carefully selected for certain fixed days and times of the week to be able to provide the best possible experience for our guests. Timings are not variable as they are dependent on various external factors. 2)Fitness Centre Stay energized. Work up a sweat. Cool down. Stretch out. The Vivanta by Taj Fitness Centre has everything you need to meet your health and fitness requirements on the go. 3)Leisure What would you like to do today? Laze by the pool? Snorkel? Plan the most romantic evening you’ve ever had? Whether it’s adventurous or elaborate, we can arrange it.

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