Money Is Not Everything

2 February 2017

Yesterday, today tomorrow and even beyond, we all use money to live in this world. We as new generations of human must not think that money is part of our lives.

With only money, not all things you can get. So I will say money is not everything. We always study hard to get a job for salary, have you ever realized that money is just a tangible thing that will not last forever. There are a lot of reasons why we must not depend on money. Does money can help us when we are dying?It just only brings destruction in our lives and even affects our morality to negative situations. People get obsessed with money, some give bribes to other person to get what they want, children cheat their parents to get money, some students even cheat just to get scholarship, and the worst part is that others risk their lives and dignity by doing criminal acts just to get money. Human always think money is everything and without money they will suffer.

Money Is Not Everything Essay Example

It makes human go crazy.Money is just a thing, a temporary thing that only last during life time, created by human and its value can’t buy everything. Yes it can buy a bed but not sleep a clock but not time, insurance but not safety and all the sweetest and romantic things but not love. With only money you can’t buy forgiveness and dignity. Maybe it’s about time for us new generation of humans to do our part. Let’s not just depend on something. So what if we don’t have that much money we have our skills, talent and knowledge.

Those are the things that money really can’t buy.

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