Money Laundering: the Terrorism Link

4 April 2015
A study in the use of money-laundering to fund terrorist activities.

The paper examines the use of money-laundering to fund illegal activities and terrorism. It describes the basic criminal reasons for laundering money from the view of government, in legitimizing large amounts of illegally acquired money and methods used in doing so. The paper illustrates how large this criminal activity is globally and calls for a global solution.
“Recent events such as the World trade Tower attack, the war on terrorism and the collapse of several giants such as Enron have brought the subject of money laundering into the forefront of the media. Mass media is inundated with articles and news stories about money laundering, particularly in relation to the funding of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. Several organizations have dedicated themselves to the study and dissemination of knowledge about money laundering. Both the US government and other governments have developed strong initiatives to detect and deter money-laundering activities across borders.”

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