Money Now, Death Later – Genetically Engineered Products

4 April 2015
A looks at the risks and dangers involved in genetic engineering.

The paper explores the dangers of genetically engineered food products in the marketplace. It traces activities of anti-genetic engineering groups and their relationship with biotech corporations. Legal and political implications of the industry are also studied.
“The new biotechnology of genetic engineering initiates thoughts of a glow in the dark bunny, plants that eat poison, plants that contain pesticides and some medicines. New cures for diseases or solutions to problems that plague the world, such as starvation, are the promises made by the many supporters of this technology. However, many people are skeptical, because they know little of the potential side effects it may have on the people who eat or use the genetically modified products. An article printed in the Christian Science Monitor entitled “Europe Invites Biotech Debate” by Peter Ford on September 11, 2001, explains the position of the public and the European Commission concerning genetically modified products while keeping his view of the issue from influencing the way that he writes. Karen Charman, on the other hand, lets her views of government control give her a clear agenda as to how she states the United States’ position in this debate in her article, Spinning Science into Gold. Comparing the biotech issues between Spinning Science into Gold, and Europe Invites Biotech Debate, one sees that, unlike European nations, corporations in the United States maintain exclusive control over genetically engineered products. Clearly there is a need for government intervention to regulate corporations.”
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