Monica – The Boy Is Mine

9 September 2019

Back to follow-up her number one quadruple platinum debut, “Miss Thang,” is Miss Thang herself, the teen queen of pop/soul: Monica. The new disc, “The Boy is Mine,” features the smash duet with Brandy that was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list for 13 weeks, (also entitled “The Boy is Mine”). You all know Monica from platinum or gold hits such as “Don’t Take it Personal,” “Like This and Like That,” “Before you walk out my life,” “Why I love you so much” and the classic five million seller, “For You I Will.” The single-packed new disc, “The Boy is Mine,” boasts the production of Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, David Foster, Darryl Simmons and Rodney Jerkins, with songs written by the incomprable Diane Warren, Missy Elliot and Monica herself. The second single from the album, which is potentially the most distinctive and controversial, is “The First Night,” a slinky soul jam which deals with her decision as a respectable young lady to hold out on intimate affairs. (Get it?) It has also already climbed to the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100. This new album really sets her apart from her teen counterparts (Brandy, Aaliyah and newcomer Mya) since it’s different. She is not afraid to confront issues such as unprotected sex, pregnancy, drugs and life in general. Teens, as well as adults, will enjoy this album because it’s spicy and has something for everyone. My personal favorite is “Keep it to myself,” which deals with not knowing how to tell a friend that your feelings for him have changed. For all you ballad/pop lovers there are two remakes: “Misty Blue” and the Richard Marx classic “Right Here Waiting,” where she does a fantastic job. She squeezes love juice out of them and makes them believable, which is what love songs are all about. The song features the group 112. There is also the Diane Warren-penned song “Inside” and “Street Symphony,” which features the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. For partygoers, there is “Cross the Room” and “Gone be fine” which features the group OutKast performing superb rap verses. For all of you who have not bought the album yet, I suggest you do. This is not your average teenage girl, bubble gum album. This is a woman speaking who has a lot to say. The album came out in July and it’s already a platinum-seller, so hurry up and buy it. Overall, I give this album an A with honors.

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