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11 November 2016

Explain how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods. There are many different methods of monitoring/observing and recording children and young people behaviour and performance. There are two types of assessment formative and summative assessments. Formative assessment: There are many observations and assessment methods that we use to record children’s development and will be on going.

This is what is called formative assessment, which means even though you get to know a child’s strengths and areas that they may need more support in and will plan for them and carry on observing them. With Formative assessment there are many different methods that can be used such as target child, tick box/checklists, free description, time sampling methods….. all would be used in different settings and for different purposes by different people Summative assessment:

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Every now and again you may need to do a report on a child’s development so that the child’s parents can see how that child progressing in their development, these sorts of reports can also be used to pass information between from one professional to another like teachers do these sorts of reports at the end of the school year so the children’s next teacher can see how their developing. In my work place we do both formative observations daily/weekly and summative reports every three months.

When we do formative observations we mainly use free description/snapshot observations so we observe that child when doing certain activities these types of observations are good as it paints a picture of what the child is doing at that point in time. Free description uses to record the behaviour of a child over a very short period of time or when doing a certain activities the observe notes down what he or she is seeing which paints a picture of the child activity during the time the observation was being done.

Checklist and tick charts are normally quick and sample to use, they are mainly used to record large areas of children’s development. They do not usually record how a child achieve a task but simple whether or not they managed to complete the task at hand. With check lists and tick charts. Event sample often used to look at one area of a child’s development or behaviour, such as how frequently the child being observe may show aggression towards other children and sometimes staff or how often a child may suck their thumb.

Every time the behaviour that’s being monitored happens it is/should be recorded on the prepared sheet. Time sample: used to look at children activity over a predetermined length of time like one afternoon, children are observe at regular intervals like every 15minutes and the observations are recorded on a prepared sheet. Target child used to record one child’s activity over a long period of time without any gaps in the recording progress. Normally a prepared sheet is used for this type of observation to help the observer and some sign and codes may be uses so the observe can carry on recording.

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