Monolith of Inhumanity (2012) by Cattle Decapitation

10 October 2019

Cattle Decapitation is an American grindcore band that have been around for quite awhile, although this album here is their breakout album to many people. Originally consisting of four dedicated vegetarians now they have two members that are still from the original lineup. In fact the name Cattle Decapitation came from their hatred for animal slaughter, food and products. Also, I’m reviewing this in honor and waiting of their upcoming album The Anthropocene Extinction which I should review as well.

This album is relatively short for what it’s worth. Standing at only 43 minutes and containing 11 tracks, you have to guess that many, if not, all of these tracks are within the 3-4 minute marks, but still incredibly phasing and brutal nonetheless. Travis, the frontman, has many different vocal styles that he utilizes in this album which are often the common growls, pig squeals, and his version of false screams. Alot of this you can normally see in a grindcore album by the way(although they’re jokingly called Progressive Vegetarian Grindcore because of course), and have since been staples.

Monolith of Inhumanity (2012) by Cattle Decapitation Essay Example

In every track but one, they will most likely try and bury you in this highly aggressive sound that they have very well established before hand and you want to continuously be pelted by this incredible force. Even if you don’t like incredibly aggressive music, I can almost guarantee you will like something from this. The drums are also incredibly fast and powerful and add to the pressure of this driving force. No need to take their foot off of the accelerator on this one for them, they do change things up often and can somehow fit in 70,000 tons of force in what seems like one track. The guitars and bass, while not incredibly heavy, don’t really have to be either because of the way they hold up everything else. No seriously, they can easily catch up with the drums and even have lightning fast solos occasionally that do soften the pressure a bit, in my case, and gives you room to breathe, yet it still maintains weight and legs to stand on.

The lyrics can be a bit graphic however, this is grindcore, it’s something to expect, but if you can get past that as a lyrical person and not take offense to it, you’re in the clear. Songs like Forced Gender Reassignment seem to have arguably the most vulgar and gross lyrics ever imaginable to the average mind although if you’re incredibly sensitive, grab a bucket, bowl, or have a bathroom nearby just in case you need to barf at the sight of the lyrics, trust me, you’ll thank me later. Although it isn’t for everyone, I can’t say it’s hard to recommend. This was one of the big, heavy weights back in 2012 in terms of releases and have been widely know still to this day. I consider this a great album.

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