Monologue on crooks

8 August 2016

Life is really hard at the moment. I was ‘aving the time of me life on Saturday night wiv that big bindlestick whats his name? ( scratch back, stroke chin, sigh) Ahhhh Lennie thats it. Well anyway we was just sittin’ and talkin’ and talkin’ and sittin’ ‘bout this amazing place that George and Lennie was going to hav’. It gave me hope it did to get out this bloody place, start a fresh life and maybe just maybe be treated like a real guy for a change. (imagine it, rest chin on hands) I really thought this would happen I really did and Candy perked up as well saying he would pay for it with his compensation for his hand.

But then blommin’ Lennie has to go and mess it all up that crazy bastard… He goes (sigh) and has to kill Curley’s wife. I heard it all happenin’ from inside me shed, Curley’s wife was bragging on about bloody anything to try and get Lennie into trouble! Then starts talking about her hair and Lennies touchin’ it and strokin’ it and I start hearin’ these muffled screams and I thought they was in me head but then there was a little snap and he must of snapped her neck! (sigh) Curley went bloomin’ crazy and started shouting an’ swearin’ and throwing things. They had all gone to find Lennie and sort him out.

Monologue on crooks Essay Example

It was all silent and I closed me eyes for a little nap when from a distance I heard a single, muffled but still there, gun shot. Candy came shufflin’ back into my place scratchin’ his stump and tells me things I didn’t want to here. ‘ He’s dead Crooks they killed him. He didn’t know what he was doing poor little sod and now George has gone and shot him I thought they were friends Crooks I really did and I thought George was better than that Lennie even ‘ad Carlton’s gun an’ George just took it off him like a lamb. Anyways I’d better be off’ And Candy left me in deep thought…

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