Monster, Monster by The Almost

9 September 2019

For those of you who don’t know The Almost, it’s a side project of Aaron Gillespie’s, from Christian metal-core band Underoath. The Almost’s 2007 “Southern Weather” was a phenomenal debut, and “Monster, Monster” has lived up to its standard.

As the title track kicks things off, the band shows its tougher side with driving guitar chords and a fast tempo. Gillespie gives us a sound that is easy-going and accessible, especially on “Lonely Wheel.” His voice has never sounded stronger.

Monster, Monster by The Almost Essay Example

The Almost have proved that they can generate softer songs like “No I Don’t” and “Summer Summer,” with catchy guitar chords swooping in and out that give off a classic rock sound. This band can also write catchy pop/rock songs like “Hands.” This blend of singalong chorus (“Whoa-oh, Oh Oh Oh”) and clapping is a major highlight of the album.

“Young Again” and “Books and Books” continue in the band’s alternative rock style. My favorite song on the album has to be “Hand Grenade” because it has a soft acoustic sound that soothes the soul. Gillespie is truly a genius when it comes to creating soft music.

“Souls on Ten” is also worth mentioning, with its radio-friendly tone. With light piano and guitar chords delicately complementing Gillespie’s voice, this track is a highlight.

Seeing as I have been good friends with Gillespie for a few years, I really wanted to like this album, and the majority of the songs are catchy, but they are also repetitive and predictable. This album will definitely help the band gain more fans and popularity, but The Almost is going to have to take more risks if they want to go further.

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