Mont Blanc Magazine Ad

4 April 2015
A rhetorical analysis of an advertisement for Mont Blanc watches in GQ magazine.

The paper analyzes the Mont Blanc advertisement for its watches in GQ magazine and shows that it is quite obviously directed at young males who regularly read GQ to keep abreast of the latest fashion and lifestyle trends for men. It shows that this particular ad is designed to equally appeal to both the “ethos” and the “pathos” of the target audience but completely abstains from any kind of “logos.” It shows, too, that the ad is clear and consistent in presenting the product as a fashionable accessory for a certain type of personality to wear.
“The ad in question does make a definite appeal to the “pathos” of the target audience by using the beautifully shot and presented product to visually appeal to and arouse the desires and emotions of the viewer. Without meaning to belabor the point, it must be remembered that the reader of GQ magazine is specifically seeking information on the latest styles and to that extent, the right visual appeal will succeed in creating the desired imagery in the minds of the GQ readers.

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