Monument EP(2015) by Stonebank

11 November 2019

Well, this is the second time in a row that we’ve talked about something related to Monstercat. Last time it was the company and community itself. Stonebank is an electronic artist currently with Monstercat and is often a maker of Electro and House, and some Glitch Hop. He can utilize his style to make music from other genres as we’ll see here.
Monument is his latest EP release and has lots to offer in terms of the energy. It doesn’t stop nor slow down, for the most part, and feels like a nice little dance party. This release includes five tracks which are all great to listen to. Those five are Lost Without You, Ready, Finally, Another Day and Chokehold in that setlist order. Lost Without You is the first released and introduced fans to the EP both on the channel and EP itself. An electro song with some catchy beats and the drop is nice too. It is probably my least favorite from this and I think it’s too long for this album as well as too not repeat itself to heavily. Ready is a Drum n Bass song that seems to have taken inspiration from other popular Drum n Bass artists like Muzzy here or TwoThirds. It has alot more focus on the bass and heaviness than they catchiness and speed it goes like what Feint does. One of my favorites. The drop is once again pretty good. Finally is the next Electro track on here and is tons better than Lost Without You. We have the sampled, high-pitched, autotuned kind of voice here as the vocals and a catchy rhythm as well to back it up. The drop, while kind of quiet and all that, is great. You’ll notice pretty quickly each of these tracks have something to offer. Another Day is our first Glitch Hop track of the two. It has a nice catchy beat, as one would expect, and a pretty unique drop for Glitch Hop, it honestly sounds more electro sounding. The vocals here, sung by EMEL, are also pretty nice although it doesn’t seem to really make up any particular story unlike the fantastic The Girl by Hellberg and there’s many other examples. Then again, this is supposed to be posed as dance music so story driving lyrics aren’t really important in my eyes with these situations. Chokehold is next on our list and to me, this is my favorite track of this release. It is again a Glitch Hop song but with a bit of a twist, it features a bit of rap in it, sung by Concept. This guy has alot of power that seems reminiscent to the way Dave from Boyinaband raps especially in Noisestorm-Sub Zero, Feint & Boyinaband-Time Bomb and as Bowser with a rap/dubstep fusion collaboration for the Mario series. He has alot of power and speed to his vocal style and uses it well, he of course takes a break with his session once the drop comes, which is all over the place in a good way, and continues back sometime after. Do I care that the energy and danceable greatness doesn’t take a break? No not at all because I for one that’s what Stonebank was going for here. It’s supposed to be danced to and I would love to see any of these songs play at a school dance or something because of it.
I give this an 8.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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