1 January 2017

What categories of costs would you expect to see in a list of MooBella start-up costs? The categories of costs that I would expect to see in a list of MooBella start-up costs are as follows: -Equipment, furniture, and fixtures -Leasehold improvements -Installation of equipment and fixtures -Computers and other technology -Owner time -Professional services -Promotion and advertising -Insurance -Debt service -Taxes -Franchise fees Supplies /products cost per machine -Inventory -Wages and benefits.

It took nearly 20 years from idea to market for MooBella. Clearly, it had a long development and start-up period. Reflect on the emotional and other nonmonetary factors that were likely involved for Bruce Ginsberg. One critical component of getting an accurate startup cost estimate is to determine the length of time it’s going to take you to open your startup business. MooBella had almost taken 20 years for the idea to market and develop.

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Even though it seemed to be a simple concept it was technically complex and nearly cost the company $85 million to bring to market. There were so many challenges with the research, development and start-up processes. The machines were very costly and it took 5 years to complete the computer portion of the project. Under Bruce Ginsberg’s leadership, the Company’s technology transitioned from a research & development project into a marketable product. During this time, Mr. Ginsberg oversaw the implementation of the MooBella brand, and the solicitation of consumer feedback.

Mr. Ginsberg’s dream was to create made-to-order hard-pack ice cream that had an excellent flavor and texture. It was all about the freshness. He put his own money up to start the business and carried his reputation and 30 plus years of experience with him to the development of this company. 3. What was the mix of funds used by MooBella to get started? To get started, the mix of funds that MooBella used to get started was with the help of a few investors including; Saturn Asset Management, Inventages, Bruce Ginsberg, and W Health LP. 4.

What are the start-up costs that you would expect to encounter if you were a company that purchased a MooBella machine? The start-up costs that I would expect to encounter if I were a company that purchased a MooBella machine would be the lease payment of $400 a month, the price for the ingredients, utility expense, licenses and or a permit, maintenance and service expense, taxes and insurance for the equipment. I would also have to be concerned about the cost of sales. Picking the right location is key where lots of foot traffic take place.

Some vending machine business owners grow their operations over time. They start part-time and then acquire more vending machines and locations as their profits grow. Because a MooBella machine does not require employees or other expensive overhead, a significant amount of cost for wages and benefits is eliminated.

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