Moral Arguments

1 January 2017

Constructing Moral Arguments Five Steps for Constructing Moral Arguments People need to pass a driving test to get a license to drive a car. People should also have to take a test and get a license before they can become a parent by having children. After all, parenting is a greater responsibility and requires more skill than driving. Develop a list of premises: Driving is important because as parents we need to be able to transport our children to school. Since we are responsible for our children’s wellbeing, it is important to know how to drive.

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Parents cannot be good parents if we do not know how to drive since children are too young to drive themselves. Who would take care of the children if we did not drive them ourselves? Driving is dangerous therefore we must do this for our children. Eliminate irrelevant or weak premises: Driving our children involves use of a powerful machine and cannot be left to children. It is assumed that as parents we will be responsible for our children, driving is not the only thing we do for our children to show we are responsible for them.

Come to a conclusion: As parents, the most important responsibility is to always be there for our children. Driving them to their activities is something that allows us to be involved in their lives and show our support for them. Parents have a greater responsibility to always be there for our children by support their every activity, however big or small. Try out your argument on others: As a single person with no children, their lives involve only their activities.

As parents we show others an example of selflessness by placing ourselves in a minor role in the world. Our entire world should revolve around the needs and wants of our children. Responsibility is the greatest when you are a parent. Revise your argument if necessary: Driving our children remains a huge portion of our responsibility as children but it is not the only one. Being a good parent involves those activities that grow out of common interests and make memories with our children. We can make memories anywhere without the need to leave our own backyard.

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