Moral Decline Among Youth

7 July 2016

I. Introduction Moral is not only attitude but covering all the aspect of life. As the communities that are often being part of the victims of the ‘surrounding’, youth are often exposed to the negative elements that could spoil the mind, lifestyle, culture, behaviour and their interaction with society. Some of the factors are materialism, hedonistic, individualistic and westernization. II. Body A. One of the factors is the materialism. 1. Materialistic nature that trying to planted in youth a. Change the way to shop, pattern of life, choose work and build their dreams (personal observation) b.

Bore all the philosophers use the available natural resources and do not think about what needs to be left to future generations ( personal observation) 2. The concept of moderate spending and to be responsible consumer do not exist a. The birth of lifestyle spending all income earned, without thinking about the future (personal observation) b. c. B. Another factor is the hedonistic culture among teenagers. 1. Cultural entertainment to fulfil human desires a. The modern pursuit of happiness has resulted in extreme expression of escapism i.

Moral Decline Among Youth Essay Example

Drug abused and alcoholism affecting the even the youngest members of society (Nominis Expers Forum, 1999-2000) b. Having sexual relations with more than one person in the same day outside the bond of marriage (Helen Gurley Brown, 1960) c. The life is to be live to escape pain, including responsibility for anything uncomfortable that youth begin to rebel 2. Selected entertainment from mass media influence a. As a result, the kid will become aggressive or lose a sense of differentiating reality and fiction of what they are seeing (Rayuso, 2008) b.

Media has had an increasingly negative impact on the way teenage girls measure their personal image and beauty standards. (Malaysian Authors Wanted) i. actively seeking to find an identity c. Music videos may have a significant behavioural impact by desensitizing viewers to violence and making teenagers more likely to approve of premarital sex (Pediatrics 1996) C. Other than that, factor of westernization in Malaysian youth. 1. Break down all the pure culture belonging to the east community a. had been exposed to strong influences of the Western culture i.

lifestyle, clothing and language (personal observation) b. Western culture has certainly enhanced the lives of teenagers in the East. 2. Relationship that involving same gender (personal observation) a. Homosexual that influenced by western culture III. Conclusion Hedonistic culture especially selected entertainment from mass media influence, as well as lead to bad effects through mind, lifestyle, culture, behaviour, association in society of youth in Malaysia. All parties must mobilize to overcome this problem. This include from the family, friends, educators and government.

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