Moral of the Necklace

10 October 2016

So the story also tells us not to live by how people think of us because that can cause many problems like in the book she borrowed something to seem wealthier and then lost it, and it was all for seeming rich in the eyes of others. The story also shows that it’s important to live within ones means. Mathilde borrows an unnecessary object and as a result it causes her poverty. This shows us that if we borrow money unnecessarily, then we may get into serious trouble. Just like Mathilde when she lost the necklace she spent years saving to replace it and it caused her to be even more unhappy than she was before.

This is because she got greedy and wanted more that she was capable of getting and all of this just so she can seem wealthier in front of other people. People should also not care what others think of them. In the story Mathilde is consumed with what people think of her and so she is determined to look as perfect as she can at the party, which caused her to borrow something that she knew she could never afford. This caused her to borrow the necklace and them lose it.

Moral of the Necklace Essay Example

This shows that when people care what others think of them they make bad decisions and act without thinking just to keep the image that other people have of them. Another moral in the story was that even though the necklace was beautiful it was worthless. This shows that people shouldn’t be seen by how much money they have but by how good they are. A person might be extremely wealthy and look perfect all the time but as a person they might not do anything that is worth something. On the other hand a person might be very poor but they are really good people on the inside.

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