Moral universalism

6 June 2016

Moral universalism also called as moral objectivism which can be defined as the position in meta-ethics that some moral values can be applied universally to everyone which is also known as universal morality. Besides, moral universalism also can be defined as the system of ethics, or a universal ethic that applies to all people regardless of their personal opinion or the majority opinion of their cultures. Furthermore, moral universalism also holds the moral values that apply to individual bases on other characteristics such as race, religion, sex, culture or other distinguishing feature (Richardson and Williams, 2009).

In addition, universal ethic is a set of principles which apply to all people, whether secular or religious, independent from any particular faith (, 2013). However, according to Noam Chomsky’s interview in 2007, he defined moral universalism as ‘if something that’s right for me, it’s right for you; and if something that’s wrong for you, it’s wrong for me’ (Olson and Faigley et al., 1991, pp. 1–35).

Moral universalism Essay Example

Moreover, moral universalism does not necessarily imply that morals exist apart from humanity itself, but it also considers the sources of morality outside of opinion. However, universal truths about human nature and reason may come into play as reasons for the universality and objectivism of morality (Delanty, 1997, pp. 30–59).

Furthermore, according to Noam Chomsky, he mentions that moral absolutism and moral realism are the strong forms of moral universalism. However, moral realism is a philosophical point of view which states that there are moral facts that let us better understanding what we can and should be acted upon (wiseGEEK, 2013). Besides, moral absolution is an ethical view that some form of human conducts are right or wrong, regardless of other circumstances such as their consequences or the intents behind them.

In fact, nowadays moral universalism has become a basis for modern human rights. For instance, the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be seen as a good example of global efforts to bring a universalist and equal moral justice to everyone in every corner of the world (Schwartz, 2007, pp. 711–728).

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