Morale Perfection

12 December 2017

Moral Perfection: Tranquility What is Moral Perfection? I believe that Moral Perfection is to live your life without committing any fault at any time and always be committed to do the right thing. Benjamin Franklin, a wise man and one of the founding fathers of our country, devised a well thought out plan to try and obtain moral perfection. In his Autobiography, Franklin defined moral perfection as the ability to do the right thing at all times.He enumerated 13 virtues in which he believed would help him in his quest to achieve moral perfection.

These certain virtues are: Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity, and Humility. Franklin himself believed that by following these 1 3 virtues, he would be able to achieve moral perfection. In an attempt to achieve Moral Perfection I followed Franklins plan for a week by focusing specifically on the virtue of tranquility.I used Franklins definition of the virtue Tranquility which Is, “Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable” and focus on not being disturbed or angered at certain situations that are unimportant or unavoidable. The week that I practiced the virtue of Tranquility was fairly easy. Throughout the entire week made sure to check every three hours to ensure my virtue log would be as accurate as possible. Would have been proud of myself if I had achieved Moral Perfection, but unfortunately I was unable to do so.

Morale Perfection Essay Example

Throughout most of the week it was extremely easy to stay morally perfect, but there were several occasions when I was unable to do so. For example, on Friday September 30, 2011, which Is when I started my quest for moral perfection, as I was exiting the locker room, one of the soccer player pushed me and I hit my chin against the steel lockers, and unfortunately I got angry, and ended up pushing him back. But overall, the week that attempted to achieve moral perfection was fairly easy. Throughout the entire week that I practiced my virtue I stayed faithful most of the time.One example would have been on October the , while I was getting ready to go to a party, my little brother bumped into me and spilled milk all over my shirt and beans, but Instead of yelling at him. I just patted him on the head, gave him a towel to dry up the rug and changed my clothes. I believe that I didn’t get mad at him because on that day I was in a fairly good mood due to the fact that I had finished up the bike had been working on for quite some time.

I also believe I was successful because I know that he’s Just a little kind and little kids cause chaos and mishaps all the time.Although I was successful throughout most of the week, there were a few occasions where my temper got the best of me. On Friday, September , I was in my first period and my friend was poking me with his pencil while I was wearing a white shirt. I continuously told him to please stop, but he gradually started to poke me even faster. After a while, I looked at where he was poking me and I noticed that there was a big black smudge on my shirt from his pencil. Once I noticed that, I 1 was slightly difficult to practice my virtue was because people were constantly bugging and annoying me.In an attempt to achieve Moral Perfection I followed Franklins plan for a week by focusing specifically on the virtue of Tranquility.

I don’t think that Franklin achieved Moral Perfection because no one is perfect. I believe that it is in our nature, as humans, to constantly make mistakes. I was unable to achieve moral perfection for one week. I learned that depending on my mood, it would affect how susceptible I was to going against my virtue. I do not believe that anyone is capable of achieving Moral Perfection. When you reflect on the things that you have been doing wrong, you can look at those wrongdoings and improve your behavior.

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