Morality of birth control

8 August 2016

Rhetorical analysis of Morality of birth control Imagine the world without birth control how it will be like? His or her ability to prevent or delay pregnancy is fundamental to his or her ability to choose how he or she lives our lives. Every female holds the right to decide if and at what time the wants to become pregnant. A speech by Margret Sanger “The morality of birth control” took place in New York 1921.

It was the last meeting in a three days conference discussing the necessity of birth control use. Margaret Sanger raised the question of morality of birth control speaking to this topic supporting her point of view with a number of ethos, logos and using some pathos as well. First, during in the speech, she provided her argument to the audience with hope and understanding the importance of reducing population growth. When Margaret Sanger says, “If we cannot trust woman with the knowledge of her own body, then I claim that two thousand years of Christian teaching has proved to be a failure.

Morality of birth control Essay Example

She was trying to make angry her audience by criticizing their religion. She also was trying to give contraceptive knowledge to her audience, saying, “Birth control should be available to every adult and woman. ” She created a curious structure ethos is considering education of people. The most important subject of the Nba 2 Speech connected with women and their right to most recent scientific knowledge about body. Her point expressed the fact of church society keeping women in fear and ignorance in the past. Second, Sanger presented emotions that had touched many audiences in the speech.

When Sanger says, “The selfish gratification of temporary desire at the expenses of suffering to lives that will come may seem very beautiful to some, but it is not our conception of civilization, or is it our concept of morality. ” Her goal was to get away from ignorance and indifference to creation of society beginning on the level of forming a family. When Sanger says that the first group in society is, “Those intelligent and wealthy members of the upper classes who have obtained knowledge of birth control and exercise it in regulating the size of their families.

She recognized the women that have gotten birth control and used it correctly as the most respectable and moral members of the community. This is one of the examples of pathos. Moreover, the praise and recognition is also mixed in with more of Sanger’s methods. Sanger says that the third group in society is, “Those irresponsible and reckless ones. ” She is trying to make the audience angry. Besides, she used her anger to verbally fight the people in her audience that do not believe birth control is moral.

Finally, Sanger combined pathos, ethos and logos in order to make sense about the morality. Frist, she desired to stop the source of disease, insanity and lowering the standards of civilization. Second, she mentioned the wise part of population that they have all the right to speak for themselves. Lastly, she brought up an opportunity of wise people creating real moral society. Nba 3 In conclusion, Distributing information about contraception was illegal under the Comstock laws passed by congress in 1872.

In 1946 Sanger challenged these laws by opening the first family planning clinic in New York. Margaret Sanger shows how much of an influence she had in the birth control movement in this speech. She completed successfully a lot with her speech that was filled with sympathy, emotion and logical explanation.

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