Morals Essay

2 February 2018

William Pit becomes prime Minister and William Willpower becomes a key supporter and infant. William began his fight against slavery in 1787 with his first bill outlawing slave trade. This fight led him to become highly unpopular in the House of Commons amongst the Members of Parliament representing vested interests of the trade in the cities of London, Bristol, and Liverpool.

Despite popular support and the assistance of an unlikely ally in the form of Charles James Fox, Williams bill to abolish the slave trade goes down to defeat.Pit seems as one of his few friends and allies remaining in Parliament, however, even their relationship becomes strained. Pit, now acing the stresses of leading a shaky coalition during the French Revolutionary Wars, tells William that his cause must now wait for a more stable political climate. Now William must decide if he wants to carry on with his cause despite Pits wishes or listen to him and just wait it out. William does become frustrated because he feels he is not moving forward and wonders if he should give up on politics for good.Willpower knows he cannot give up, so he introduced the bill allowing the Crown to attack ships flying neutral flags. Attacking illegal slave ships flying the flag of a neutral entry would severely reduce the provisions sent to the slave-holding Caribbean colonies by ships using the American flag for protection.

Morals Essay Essay Example

Not only did this help put a stop to much of the slave trade, it eventually contributed to the anti-slave act being passed in 1807. William looked to many people to help guide him and provide insight and support throughout his fight.John Newton, a former slave chip captain, encourages William to take on this battle against slavery because it is what God would want. After experiencing a religious conversion, Newton became a minister, hymn-writer, and later a prominent supporter of the abolition of leaver. He was the author of many hymns, including “Amazing Grace”. Charles Fox, an important member of the parliament, supports Willpower, which helps people to understand and listen to him.Quinoa was a former slave who is able to give William first hand accounts that inspire William to keep fighting for the cause.

Barbara Spooned, Wilderness’s wife, is able to renew his hope for success. William was faced with multiple internal reactions that could have caused him to give up on this long battle he was facing. William keeps up the fight but after years of failure he is left exhausted and frustrated that he was unable to hanged anything in the government. Believing his life’s work had been in vain, he becomes physically ill.Having virtually given up hope, William considers leaving politics forever. Barbara convinces him to keep fighting because there is no other person who is willing or able to do so. A few days afterward, William and Barbara marry.

Several years pass with no further success however Williams wife and new children provide him with the support and strength needed to carry on the fight. Although Williams family played an important role, God played the ultimate role. Praying to God strengthened his oath and he was able to realize that he is doing the right thing.Finally, with a renewed hope for success William devises a secret method of slowly weakening the slave trade through seemingly harmless legislation. Aided by Thornton, Clarion, new ally James Stephen, and cheered on by the now terminally ill Pit, William reintroduces his bill to abolish the slave trade. After the 20-year campaign and many attempts to bring legislation forward William Willpower passes away, but he is eventually responsible for a bill being passed through Parliament in 1 807, which abolished the slave trade in the British Empire forever.

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