Morgan Moe’s Drugstore Analysis

2 February 2017

The Midwest primary output is manufacturing and agriculture. A decline in either one of these sectors means that the workers driving the Midwest economy have less to spend; meaning that the economic circulation in the region as a whole decreases. This loss of manufacturing is seen in the falling revenues of Morgan Moe. In many ways, the company has dealt with the difficult economic climate well.

It has closed underperforming stores, consolidated the workforce, and reduced overhead. However, the laying off of many employees had some consequences. Negative press, internal rumors, and malcontent are spreading through the workforce.Websites like www. Ihatemorganmoe. blogspot. com are developing to further spread the discontent of laid-off workers.

Morgan Moe’s Drugstore Analysis Essay Example

“Mans Search for Meaning” Upon reading this book, Jim Claussen, the Vice President of Human Relations, read a book by the psychologist Vicktor Frankl. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl[ii] is the biography of a man surviving the German Concentration Camps during World War II. The book highlights three stages of decline: shock, apathy, and depersonalization followed by a period of recovery portrayed by: depersonalization, deformation, disillusionment/bitterness and finally dispersal.The key point of the book that was taken away is that in surviving a difficult time, one must fine hope in a sense of purpose. Mr. Claussen decided that in order to affect a more positive attitude from the workforce during this difficult time for Morgan Moe, he would institute a series of management programs to help improve communications and provide a better sense of purpose to his employees. The 5 programs Jim Klaussen has implemented 5 programs in each of the Morgan Moe stores.

Each program is highlighted by some combination of information sharing and feedback sessions with managers (brainstorming).Instead of assigning stores, Jim wanted store managers to choose which program they think would work best for their stores individual culture. • Program I Program I could be considered the closest analog to a control group. No changes to the traditional operational procedure were made. No store or employee performance information was shared beyond normal, and no brainstorming or manager meetings were scheduled. • Program II Program II is highlighted by the sharing of employee absences and sick leave metrics.The idea here is that these metrics can be directly controlled by the employee’s performance.

• Program III Program III tracks sales and replacement rates and then shares this information. As in program II, there are no feedback or brainstorming sessions • Program IV This program provides employees with the same data as Programs II and III but it also allows for a time to sit down with the managers and try to develop new ways to continue to improve. • Program V Program V has the same brainstorming sessions as IV but it does not contain the sharing of information that program IV does.

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