Most Fearful Moment of My Life

6 June 2016

I was around the age of sixteen; and I was going to my soccer practice in the morning session. It was summer and we were still in the pre-season era. I’m riding my longboard down the smooth street and I remember coming up to an intersection. I also remember that summer my dad didn’t want me longboarding under any circumstances. Meanwhile, being the stubborn young boy, I was riding down the street as a familiar car drove past me.

As a car passed right next to me, I believed it to be my dad however due to my speed there was no stopping. Now, closer to the intersection and not thinking straight, I was on my phone thinking my dad would soon call me and complain how he saw me longboarding. I look down the street for merely a second and then back down to my phone; that second changed my life forever. Assuming that the pickup truck I had seen seconds ago was going stop for me to pass, was now only seconds from hitting me. My speedy longboard restrained me from stopping or having any reaction to what was about to happen. All of a sudden it felt like the world had flipped upside down, but it was not the world, it was me.

Most Fearful Moment of My Life Essay Example

In the midst of what was happening I saw my life flash before my eyes. Everything in a second could’ve been swept away from me. Everything that ever was precious and had meaning more than life itself for myself was at risk. Parents, family, and friends, even my future (or non-existent yet) twin brothers whom I love more than anyone today, were almost gone in the blink of an eye. Recovering isn’t an easy process. After months of physical therapy visits to the chiropractor, I was at 100%. Every day since the incident, it hits me every day how much my family and friends matter to me.

Their value to me is out of this world. I love them and treat them like it’s our last day together; I love them more each day, more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow. In a way I don’t regret what happened; despise the pain it was worth it, I learned to love my family and friends unconditionally.

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