Mother Culture Essay Sample

9 September 2017

When. have we as worlds decided that what was to be considered good. and evil. what is being done and what is tolerated? Mother civilization. is what we as worlds make it. This sense of how we are to populate. what things in life we are to value. Who counts in the universe. and who does non. Who instead as a voice and who can non talk. this representation is one portion of female parent civilization. This semblance that greatly influences how we categorize the universe is mother civilization. What is it that differentiates us worlds from our environment? This notation that we can command everything around us for our ain benefit. benefit as a whole society. as an person and what we show deserving towards. this authority female parent civilization has on our lives.

We worlds as a society ever want to systematise things. We place these adorations on ownerships. and thoughts so we put them into orderly small boxes. invariably streaming through our heads. Mother civilization tells us from a really immature age in American society what we are to endeavor for in life. what peculiar things we habitually will idolize above all. Mother civilization may be defined otherwise depending on the person. The environment in which 1 grows and learns has a major function in how you will see the universe. and what you as the person will take to contemplate on. As a whole society we have a female parent civilization. every bit good as the single people within our society. the person may besides hold their ain individual beliefs of what mother civilization conveys to them.

Mother Culture Essay Sample Essay Example

To knock what female parent cultures says to many Americans today is to besides dishonor what I have antecedently valued as my ain female parent civilization for many old ages. To the mean American they are about non scruples of their ain female parent civilization. even though they are so greatly dependent on it for their ain personal self-fulfilling prognostications. Mother civilization in America depicts power as something that we all want and need to hold in our ain lives.

Power after all is besides a signifier of control ; control of what is around you and for you to experience like something is beneath you ; That you are exceptionally superior to other worlds. and to your environment. You have the power to alter the landscape. to flatten out what fusss you. to alter it and suit your ain personal assessment of what would suit your female parent civilization. Money and greed are a major beginning of power in American civilization. Money can purchase us more than what others have ; greed is to hold more than the others around you. Who truly knows where this portion of our American female parent civilization came from. but it is true that we feel as a society that money is power.

Restraints on our freedoms are a trade good that we do non think with. all harmonizing to the typical American female parent civilization. Freedom in and of its ego can be curtailing. To the typical American freedom is everything to us ; the conformity that it exists. and those people have a pick in what is to go on to our society. After all we have a demarcate authorities system. where we the people have the freedom to vote. and ballot for people who we feel represent us in the most exceeding manner. Freedom is where Americans can acquire a sense of position. but many times we can non reflect these same freedoms on to our environment. and the living things among us.

Affluence among 1s equals is a important portion of how one shows their representation of mother civilization to the typical American. We as a society have a occupancy to be avaricious to roll up more. and more. even when it is non important to 1s development or endurance. For illustration to the typical American when your neighbour acquires a new boat. so you must get one every bit good. but non the same boat. it has to be one that is newer. bigger. or better in some signifier. I bet if you looked around in the typical Americans family you can happen several things that one “must have. ” but there it sits. stuffed off in a box or drawer or storage unit where you no longer utilize it. Although if person were to inquire you if you have it among your ownerships you say to them “why yes. ” “yes I do. make you non posses this. ” It is of import to maintain up with what others around you have for ownerships. which is what our female parent civilization is stating to many Americans.

To be blunt I am non certain where this portion of our female parent civilization cascaded from. Some older coevalss might state that the great depression made people want to salvage everything for fright of ne’er have ownerships once more. Other coevalss today might state it is from our urgency disposition to hold what we want. and have it delivered to us in an immediate manner with a bow tied to it.

When I begin to look at our female parent civilization. I became well repulsed by what our female parent civilizations are stating our society and what is to be admired with high regard. When I began this book my sense of female parent civilization was nonexistent. I contemplated how my cultural environment assembled my givens of the universe I live in. For a brief minute I thought that I was immune to American female parent civilization. I began to pounder. How could person even see being greedy or demoing another individual mercilessness disregard to the environment and the copiousness for all the life all around us. We as a society theoretical account what we see in our milieus. When do we as societies begin to oppugn our female parent civilization. and if we want to set. what our female parent civilization says about our intuitions?

On my ain personal single degree female parent civilizations today has a batch of aggression towards one another. I feel like the life next to me no affair the entity. should have every right to a good being as I have. The job commences when I look within myself. yes I have an honored regard for my environment. but how am I demoing that in my day-to-day life. I still drive a auto ; I still consume things that I might non necessitate to. I still hold the American dollar to certain trade goods in my life. My self-belonging in a group is dependent on female parent civilizations credences of my actions.

I can merely trust that with one action there is a reaction. I can trust that the reaction will rouse mother civilization. agitate her up a spot. Adjust how we use the universe around us. do we desire to coexist with our milieus. or do we desire to utilize them all up. in making so finally forcing away all life into extinction including humanity. I am ne’er the individual who sees the glass half empty. I am ever optimistic. and I think through actions speak for themselves. To alter mother civilization is traveling to take many smaller actions. but it is the small actions that add up to do up a whole female parent civilization. “The universe was given to adult male to turn into a Eden. but he’s ever screwed it up. because he’s basically flawed. He might be able to make something about this if he knew how he ought to populate. but he doesn’t-and he ne’er will. because no cognition about that is gettable. So. nevertheless difficult adult male might labour to turn the universe into a Eden. he’s likely merely traveling to travel on sleep togethering it up. ” ( Ishmael. page 89. subdivision 6 ) This quotation mark from the book shows you have much religion is in adult male to alter mother civilization.

We might hold the labour power to make so. but do we truly have the cognition. Man has some cognition on how to assist the state of affairs we are presently in. It is following to impossible to get all the cognition to make Eden. cognizing what species we need to watch out for when we might non hold even discovered them yet. From this quotation mark though I get the underlining message that the universe will ne’er be a Eden. even if adult male alterations. That adult male could. and can be better with alteration. but ne’er to our optimal degree of coexistent within our environment. “Culture is a female parent everyplace and at every clip. because civilization is inherently a nurturer-the nurturer of human societies and life styles. Among Leaver peoples. Mother Culture explains and preserves a life-style that is healthy and self-sufficient. Among Taker peoples she explains and preserves a life-style that has proven to be unhealthy and suicidal. ” ( Ishmael. page 148. subdivision 10 )

This quotation mark about female parent civilizations explains how mother civilization is up to the person and the society that they are in what female parent civilization means to them and how it can alter the hereafter or either good or evil. The way that preserves self-sufficient female parent civilization where adult male can associate to his environment and take it into consideration when doing picks in life. The other way is a way that adult male is already begun to get down down a way where adult male thinks the picks he makes does non consequence other life signifiers around him. the selfish way of discomfiture and desperation. You can acquire a sense that Earth will no longer be or if it does will be really black being among the takers.

Among the departers life can boom for all life signifiers and they can co-occur together. “You must alter people’s heads. And you can’t merely root out a harmful composite of thoughts and leave a nothingness behind ; you have to give people something that is every bit meaningful as what they’ve lost-something that makes better sense than the old horror of Man Supreme. floging out everything on this planet that doesn’t function his demands straight or indirectly. ” ( Ishmael. Page 249. subdivision 9 ) This impression that adult male needs more incentivizes to get down down a way of self-sustainability is pathetic. Man should wake up and see what is traveling on around him. and how we might finally pass over out everything around us. Leaving the things that we feel serve our humanistic demands. Then after that. what happens? Does adult male go even more selfish. and utilize up what is left of the life that is functioning us?

This shows us the universe can turn out to be a really cheerless topographic point where much of life that surrounds us might non be at that place till the terminal. if we keep taking advantage of how we consequence them straight and indirectly. Sad for me is to believe of life lost because I love the Earth around me. Some yearss. I think the Earth has a pulse and it is the sound of all the life on works Earth. We need to maintain the earths bosom whipping and unrecorded well among other life signifiers in order to function the common good and non give the Earth a bosom onslaught.

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