Mother’s Arms

4 April 2019

Mymother’s arms. If I remember one thing about growing up, it will be herstrong, comforting arms. When I was struggling with a problem, or cryingsoftly at night, she was always there to hold me. She influenced myvalues and taught me how to be passionate about my abilities and myself.Above all else in this world, I love and respect my mother. Foralmost three years now I have had a part-time job at a local restaurant,which has many responsibilities. I often come home frustrated and stillhave to do homework. No matter how stressed I may be, my mother alwayssays the right thing. She tells me that no matter what job I have, workis what you make of it and that better things will come aftercollege. Throughout my school career, I have changed friends asoften as I change clothes. There were times when my mother knew acertain friend or acquaintance wasn’t good for me. She says she cansense it, and she always ended up being right. The several closegirlfriends in my life now are very honest, caring andtrustworthy. Respect, love and admiration are what I feel formy mother. She works 45 hours a week and cares for her parents, but herarms are ready to wrap around me with a reassuring squeeze at anymoment. She gives advice freely, and never asks for anything in return.My mother inspires me; she makes me want to become someone great,someone devoted to those closest to me and my own future.

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